Mining Channel moderated from now on

Greetings fellow capsuleers,
Today, the in-game “Mining” chat got a MOTD, as follows:

“EVE System > Channel MOTD: Welcome to the EVE Mining Channel! For all your EVE mining related questions.

Prohibited in this channel: political (ingame or out) or other offtopic discussion. Swearing, trolling, spam, or being otherwise disruptive…


Mining Channel MOTD - Thank you!

I personally salute and appreciate this move, may it be made by CCP or the creator of the channel. That place was very toxic and I advocated for it to be moderated for quite some time. Finally, it happened.
What are your opinions?

Adrian Vexier – “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


Good. I’ll return.

The petty bickering was something I was not wanting to continue.

Sorry, Mr. Data.

Is the channel used to discuss mining? Or is it mostly a place to complain about highsec ganking?


It`s actually rife with gankers trolling and shitting on miners. Actual mining advice or anything mining related discussions were almost unheard off in there and impossible to have because of the incessant trolling. Being a moderated channel now is a good thing


Finally, the most important communications channel in New Eden is moderated!

Of course it was, it is filled with miners.


Where are the miners gonna chat now?


How can they chat at all if they are busy watching Netflix?


I once asked how to fit my mining barge to avoid ganks, and was told not to compromise my yield and that if I get ganked I should just complain to CCP and file a reimbursement petition because they give stuff back to all miners who file one if they get blown up.


Mm both good and bad.

It was a place I enjoyed having discourse with various factions LOL.

Although there are some absolute crazies in there :smiley:

Op, don’t waste time in forums, every single thread is hijacked by trolls and morons, and moderators don’t give a dam unless you rage ping them. Try reddit, there ppl can downvote trolls to oblivion, and much cleaner environment. Won’t even read this hijacked thread again, hope you broadcast that in reddit.


LOL someone is bitter :smiley:



How so?


That’s a definition. Not proving it.

And yesm, that’s a common refrain in the mining channel :smiley:

Even if its hearsay, the story is quite plausible considering the demeanor of the players who reside in that channel. And we’ve had people brag about getting reimbursed for all their losses here on the forums too.

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You may be right.

I’ve never been in that channel (I’m not a miner).

Hmmm. Seems like the channel is not the only thing that requires moderation. :expressionless:

Oh that channel gets wild. I’m sad in a way. There were some good debates but also a lot of outright ugliness.

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That channel was frankly disgusting.

It has a lot to do with why I kill miners.

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