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I’ve just finished couple of “resource wars” sites, and for me, there’s issue with finding ppl to coop with. So, i thought to create a channel, where ppl can find a fleet (Sansha Incursions, never forget), fleet member or just m8.

Channel name: Goo Mining

Any suggestions, links to another channels, thoughts or fixes to my bad english will be appreciated.

Fly safe o7

Created diferent channels for each space:

Minmatar: Minmatar Mining Expeditions Channel
Caldari: Caldari Mining Expeditions Channel
Amarr: Amarr Mining Expeditions Channel
Gallente: Gallente Mining Expeditions Channel

all links are in Goo Mining. Send mail if you whanna lead one of those (for minmatar one contact @Meditril).

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For minmatar Space join:
Minmatar Mining Expeditions Channel

Any channel for Caldari space?

I started my own channel before seeing this post, Joining yours now

these channels are empty DX

once again, if someone interested in moderating them i’d be glad cos i’m not so deep into resourse wars atm. It means that all info i can put into Channels MOTD can be wrong or outdated.

I’m down for helping, the default channels for this are nothing but russians speaking in elvish runes now. I know these have absolute crap payouts currently, and the LP is worthless, but I want to hoard LP for when/if CCP makes the LP have value, or they make doing these actually profitable compared to anything else in the game.

Can do upto level 5’s in both Amarr/Caldari. (Though I’ve never encountered enough skilled players to actually run a lvl 5 yet, only upto 4’s.)

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