ClaimJumpers - Public channel for Resource war grouping


Roughly a month back I appeared on Reddit asking about if an alternative channel for Resource war existed. Claiming the official one was massive derailment still in motion (Might’ve been a little harsh). I also say into this point that my only options if one doesn’t exist would be to join a corp and find friends to run Resource war sites with. Or make a channel myself.

I went with the latter. I present the ‘ClaimJumpers’ channel!

Just like channels for Incursions or pub PVP roams. ClaimJumpers is to be an open channel for all to join and find others interested in grouping up to tackle resource war sites. ( I just pray there is a handful that are interested)

What is Resource wars you may ask? ( Or require reminder for) It’s Content added by CCP in the Lifeblood update that is about small fleet Pve content against moderately more advanced AI that you find in DED sites or missions. The content combines the roles of combat pilots and miners. Miners - obviously mine while combat pilots…Obviously engage in combat! These sites can only be found in High security space (inb4 lol hisex) in all four major empires. Rather casual content really, casual enough that pub fleets are absolutely plausible. That is the purpose of this channel. To make public fleets a thing for Resource wars. Because the official for resource wars, does not work…

But it’s more than just a channel I’ve just created. I put some time into working on what it has to offer. That said, still MUCH to be done before it reaches its true potential.

For starters, we got rules in place. It will be the mission of me and the small mod team I’ve assembled to keep the channel on track. We will not allow it to dissolve into the trainwreck that the official RW channel currently is. I also encourage those in the channel to inform me, Avio Yaken, directly of rule breaking so that we can weed out the trouble makers and build a solid community. As time goes on we will reconsider rules when we need to

We got a focus - We aren’t gonna bite off more than we can chew first time around. It was a conscious decision of mine to have the channel START OFF officially supporting Caldari RW sites. Why? Because I want the channel at the start to be filled with people who all run sites in the same part of EVE. All building their standings up with the same factions so we can have more and more players who have access to higher level sites. HOWEVER - Nobody is disallowed from finding groups to run sites of other factions. In fact, these will be taken into suggestion on which faction the channel we will expand into next.

For each faction we officially expand into. We will create fittings and guides on how to play your roll with then. We have two channels right now inside the main “ClaimJumpers” channel. One for Caldari combat fits and another for Caldari mining fits. As it stands right now. I have fits for levels 1 through 3 posted and tested. We have both T1 and T2 fits to compliment noobs and vets.
I would like feedback on the fits.

This is the first time I’ve ever seriously sat down and tried to design a fitting. Of course. Keep in mind this is different content and the fittings will reflect that. I would be open to new fit suggestions. As well as fits for factions we don’t currently focus on. After testing them out I’ll be obliged to pay out a modest cash reward, along with naming rights. Though, please be somewhat tasteful!

As the channel gets more people for L4 and L5. I will be doing fleets to test out new doctrines and strats to defeat these sites. These fleets will of course will have SRP should any unexpected accident happen when testing. Of course, if you’re ballsy enough and want to do it yourself with your friends. Go for it, i’ll buy the fits off you. If you don’t die horribly that is.
Let me go ahead and say, that unlike the public channels I compared ClaimJumpers to previously. There will be no scheduled fleets. I encourage those interested in RW to organize their own fleets - Unlike incursions and PvP - Resource wars fleets are not difficult to organize yourself. It’s rather very casual content in comparison. At least for the first three levels. But besides that, it’s just not viable to have dedicated FCs scheduling fleets. As each site has a limit as to how many players can enter. It just wouldn’t be optimal. But I will interact and join fleets with those hitting this
content up. I want to do it afterall

We have a mailing list, “ClaimJumpers News”. Where any updates on new fittings or general news will be found. We also have a bare bones discord channel for voice comms should anyone feel like they want voice comms in their fleet. This will be expanded upon as needed.

I think that’s all that needs to be said. Closing comments, I think RW is hella unique content. It’s a chance to meet people without being in a 50+ man fleet. Just you and this small rag-tag team of miners and combat pilots. The blend of roles is so fresh to me that it’s something I want to see more of. I want to see the L5 content and learn to master it.
Maybe then it would be worth doing, eh?

Hope to see some of you in the channel (.____.)/


Sadly as someone who has done lvl 1 through 5 content in both caldari and amarr sites as both miner and combat, I can sadly say that these are utterly and totally not worth the time to do. The LP is worthless, and the isk rewards are on par with just lvl 3 missions when doing the lvl 5 RW sites. Just about every activity in eve online pays better than RW sites, even ACTUAL MINING I believe comes close to being on-par when orca boosted. And none of those activities require the time and hassle to assemble a group of players to do them.

Basically RW only exists as an example of how bad CCP is at balancing new game content. And this is AFTER they patched it to “improve” the experience as well.

I too wanted to enjoy this content along with other players, but once we did it all just to try it, we realized it was a waste of time better spent doing literally anything else in eve.


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