[M-REV] Recruiting rookie miners and ratters for Resource Wars

Public Channel: M-REV Public

US Time zones. Weekends, 23:00 - 03:00 EvE time. Black Rise highsec (Aokinen). Active membership: 4

Miner’s Revenge is recruiting miners for running Resource Wars sites (Caldari highsec). We will likely pair this with moon mining ops (when made available in highsec), and eventually transition into a wormhole operation as well.

It should be understood by all applicants that as industrial corporations grow, the frequency of wardecs does also. All members will be expected to acquire the necessary doctrine ships (see corp info), as docking and hiding will not be an acceptable strategy during war.

What we’re recruiting:

  1. Miners. As experts of the “press F1 and wait” style of play, miners are ideal for kickstarting industry and POCO bashing, while being relatively low-maintenance.
  2. Ratters. Needed for completing higher tier sites and testing out new doctrine fits.
  3. PvP pilots. Inexperienced? No problem. We’re going to need you to support our miners during ops.

Applications with no text will be rejected. No API necessary. Scammers, alts, spies, awoxers, corp thieves, gankers, and griefers are welcome.

In your own corp, but still interested in what we’re doing? EvEmail Captain Phil with questions about potential partnership.

Two POCOs destroyed, and the CF Tristan has gotten a few kills in lowsec (we are shameless blobbers).

Stop by the public channel or eve-mail with questions.

Still recruiting, still needing an engineer.

Need a POCO removed in highsec? Drop me a line.

I did not clarify this in the op, but new players are absolutely welcome.

We also offer a citadel in our home system with 51% refining.

Updated op as we’re taking a new approach to corp structure.

Recruitment is still open as of 2/4/18.

We’ve been leaving our mission loot behind lately, so there’s an opportunity for a salvager to get some good work.

A new bump for a new Saturday. Weekends are our most active time; get involved, have some fun.

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