[Low Sec] Miner Offense. [M.OFF] is recruiting!

Are you a high speed death machine trapped within a carebear?!

Then look no further!

We’re Miner Offense. and we operate within Low Sec in the Khanid region and we’re looking to take on not only the veteran PVPers but, the NewBros who want to learn PVP as well.

We’re a crew of Real Life First and Fun First minded Capsuleers mostly within US and UK timezones.

Within our ranks is a small but, tight knit bunch who’ve flown together in Eve for a long time and possess the necessary knowledge to guide you in learning the ropes of PVP and industrial infrastructure for funding it.

Here’s some of the content that we offer

  • Weekly T1 frigate yeet fleets
  • NewBros are welcome to learn the art of PVP
  • Knowledge base and infrastructure to fund your good times of making someone else’s day sad
  • Close ties to local blues for the extra good times and fleets!
  • Join us on the gates or small gang raiding
  • Industry Infrastructure available for members from the industry corp in the alliance
  • Max Orca Boosts available to miners via our industry friends
  • Local POCOs for all your PI manufacturing needs
  • Located near multiple Mission Running hubs
  • Ore, PI, and Mission Loot buyback programs
  • Gas Harvesting Fleet Ops
  • Abyssal Site running
  • Access to a Low Class WH for Ore and Moon mining (Restrictions apply, details inside)
  • Opportunities to fleet up with our friends from Spooky Space for Blops and more!

Interested but, want to know more? Send an Eve Mail to one of our recruiters Katt Dragoon, A Random Chicken, or Head of Recruitment Jonin Hekki to find out more today!

Unsurprisingly we’re still recruiting!

Yeet fleets are scheduled and fitted.

We’re still recruiting!

Still doing that recruiting thing.


We’re still recruiting.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

more join for the pew.

Still looking for you :wink:

These guys are solid and really worth a look.

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Eric Shang!

Pleasant surprise to see you here! Thanks for what you said about us. We do work really hard to take care of our alliance members.

Still recruiting!

We’ve formed an alliance with friends from an industry corp with over 200 toons and plenty of infrastructure to go around!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting! More have joined!

Still recruiting and alliance killboard has some more green on it.

Get in on these kills!

Still doing that recruiting thing.

Still recruiting!!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!