[Low Sec] Miner Offense. [M.OFF] is recruiting!

Still recruiting!

May or may not have been naughty with a catalyst yesterday.

1.6 mil catalyst


1.8 bil in harvester drones

There was a certain silence in local XD

We’re still recruiting!

Took part in an impromptu EWAR fleet to be a nuisance and whore on some killmails.

Fun times were had! Why don’t you join on in the fun?!

The boys went out on a roam with our friends in Odin’s Call last night.

Fun was had!

Still recruiting! More have joined over the weekend!

hellow i have good skills of mining just want to do low/null sec mining with good corp and peoples im from india enlgish is not my first language but i m good in enlish my ingame name is Himmatsingh
im waiting for your reply thank you

Hey Himmat!

We’re actually primarily a PVP corporation with industry infrastructure available through our alliance.

If you’re looking for an industry focused corp our friends in JabberWock Mining and Industry can help you out.

The first battle for our home took place last night and we successfully defended it.

The battle of Funky Town was a sight to behold.

We’re temporarily suspending recruitment during the war. We’ll see you on the other side!

Aaaaand we’re opening up recruitment again.

War is still on going but, it’s going well.

Here’s the battle report from our most recent fight: