[Low Sec] Miner Offense. [M.OFF] is recruiting!

Did some blops stuff with our friends in Odin’s Call the other day. Didn’t find any good targets this time around but, we did end the event with at least a kill

Either way it was a lot of fun watching a wormhole blops in action.

Some more content scheduled! Looking forward to it.

Gate Camp op scheduled.

Upcoming Blops op with friends from spooky space.

Come join us!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Fun opportunities heading our way. Endless content.

Yeah, I’m interested.

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Hey Indo!

Send me an Eve Mail if you want to chat further about joining.

Still recruiting!

Fun fights in coming!

More join the growing horde.

Fast death machines with a thirst for blood and industry.

If that sounds like you, join us.

More ops scheduled.

More recruits joining.

Things are looking good here. You could be here too!

Come join in on the fun!

Had a fun gate camp the other day.

Got some kills and then R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. didn’t like having us in their neighborhood and dropped a Cyclone, Leshak and two Vargurs on us.


It was a good fight. Had the Leshak in 13% armor.

We of course were annihilated but, eh SRP.

Still recruiting and still growing! Join in on the fun!

The gate camp was a blast! Come join the fun!

Still recruiting, come join our crew!

Recruiting in progress! Come improve your kill board!

Still recruiting! We have room for you too!

We are recruiting, come join the fun!

Still recruiting! More content incoming.