JabberWock Mining and Industry is recruiting!

Greetings Capsuleers!

We’re JabberWock Mining and Industry and we’re currently located within Danera in the Khanid region with a focus on mining and industry. We’re a UK and US Timezone based, tight knit and casual ( Real Life First ) group of capsuleers with a variety of expertise in other areas of EVE as well.

Here’s a list of the services we offer:

  • Orca Mining Boosts
    We have multiple Orca pilots who can provide boosts to make your mining more efficient!

  • Blueprint Library
    Want to get into manufacturing? We’ve got 650 different BPOs!

  • Skill book Depository
    Missing out on some skills? We’ve got 100 different skill books!

  • local POCOs for Planetary Interaction
    Want help getting into Planetary Interaction? We’ve got you covered!

  • Athanors for Moon Mining and Reprocessing
    Weekly Fleet Ops with hourly payouts!

  • Raitarus for cheap Research and Manufacturing!
    Why not manufacture your goods with us!

  • Weekly Mining Fleets
    Mining Fleets available for Ore, Ice and Gas!

  • Hubs for Mission Running
    We’re located close by to Mission Running hubs!

  • ALL Loot/Material Buyback Program
    We’ll buy your stuff from you at 90% Jita Buy Order prices!

  • Max Skill Reprocessing Service
    We’ll reprocess your ore and only ask for 1% of the minerals!

  • Access to Wormhole Space
    Ore and Moon mining ops available in our Low Class Wormhole! Certain restrictions apply, details inside.

  • 0% Corporation Tax
    Keep more of your ISK!

I know as a NewBro, Veteran or even a Returning Capsuleer finding a Corp Home can be kind of daunting and frustrating. The learning curve for EVE has always been a steep one. What sets this Corp apart from others is the community and experience within this group of pilots and also our neighbors. We have good relations with the locals in the Low Sec systems near us and periodically fly with them so if you desire to participate in that also you are most welcome.

You could join a corp in a large null alliance but, why not be apart of something real life focused, tight knit and community building!

Interested but, have more questions?
Please feel free to send an EVE Mail to our recruiters! Katt Dragoon, A Random Chicken or myself the head of recruitment Atin Calbur or start a conversation today! Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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Still recruiting! plenty of new recruits and plenty of spots still open.

Still recruiting!

We’re still open for new recruits to the crew!

Still recruiting! Many have joined.

JabberWock is still recruiting and looking for fellow mining and industry focused pilots!

Still recruiting! Athanor is being anchored in the next couple days! All materials and equipment purchased. Raitaru is also currently anchored and BPC Library is available.

Currently discussing frequency of mining ops.

Possibly planning for a second Athanor.

We’re growing FAST!

Athanor is up, mining op is planned,

And we’re still recruiting.

So um, I spent money and now im an indy pilot without any real direction. I’ve got other pilots, so not exactly new, but I’ve only ever played alone with my youtube watchlist so no real fleet experience.

Fleet stuff is what I’m looking for now. This pilot can fly all of the ORE ships, except the Rorqual for now, and the Astero. Including Orca, Exhumers and Expedition Frigates. As for what the activities the fleets take on, I’m up for anything. Mining, pirating, whatever.

I’m 31, I’ve got a newborn son about a month and a half old, so I’ll kinda be on when I’m on for the time being. I do manage to login every day, but no garuntees on how long or what time. Weekends are my prime time, but also when I tend to schedule my extracurricular activities.

So basically I’m hoping y’all are mature, dont mind if I’m an introvert, and will have me even considering my irregular activity and hard bought skillz. Ready to put em to use and throw a few back with some folks while we blow up space rocks and get blown to bits once in a while ourselves.

I would say that the in game mail system would likely be the best way to get a hold of me in the short term. Let me know if you’d like to talk.

Fly dangerously. Or safe, or whatever. o7

Hi Aseya!

I sent you an in game mail. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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We’re still recruiting!

Athanor is operational and so is Raitaru.

Mining op scheduled.

We’re still recruiting!

Mining op planned and we’re still growing!

We’re still recruiting!

Athanor is chewing up that moon, BPC Library is available on our Raitaru. All that we’re missing is YOU.

Mining op is planned but, remember our ops are never mandatory. Real Life First.

And remember if you’ve been an industry focused player for a long time and want to try PVP we’ve got friends near us who can help you get sorted.

If not? That’s absolutely fine as well.

Hey ho, let’s go! Hey ho, let’s go!
Hey ho, let’s go! Hey ho, let’s go!
We’re still looking for new pilots
I’m going to continue bumping this.


Recruitment Bop?

Had a few questions:

  1. You are in high sec for some function?
  2. Any where near metropolis region? (trying to figure out how far i will have to move…lately greater than 36 jumps just to find out misinformation given LOL
  3. are there any members active:
    a: 2am - 7am GMT Monday through Friday?
    b: 8pm - 7 AM Sat - Sum?

Hi Ca_Joecool!

Yes we are a High Sec Industry focused corp.

We are in Placid roughly 14 jumps from Jita and 7 from Dodixie.

Unfortunately during the week and time you specified we might have only a couple people online. The weekend and time you specified will have quite a few more.

We do have people online during the week but it’s usually more during the day est.

We’re still recruiting!

Mining op was a success!

We will be having more in the future!

We’re still recruiting!

I´m interested in joining, do u guys have Discord or other form of voice com?
Best regards

Hi Khemore!

Yes we use Discord for ops but, it’s not mandatory.