Welcome to join some miners in high sec

We are miners. Looking for people to mine with us. We’re pretty big in our high sec location, and offer buyback programs, fleet ops, industrial oppurtunities, and other stuff you’ll need to check out. We primarily operate between 20:00 and 2:00 Eve Time on Fridays and Weekends.

Although we are based on mining and industry, we also do Abyss and fun fleets members ask for. Any age can join, as well as whatever age your character is in game.

If you are interested send in an application to IGMAT Mining and Transport, otherwise you can send me a mail to Wistro. I am the Mining Director, but I’m also one the long-term members, and can answer almost any question you need.

If you’re not interested in joining yet, that’s fine by me. You can always add my contact and ask for an orca boost/compression, and I will help you out. Fly Safe! o7

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