Mining and Industry

InterG Mining and Transport otherwise known by most as IGMAT. We are a mining and industrial focused corp operating out of high sec, and soon low sec. We’re actively growing every day, because of our family sized corporation. And we continue to explore other aspects the game like Abyssal, Wormhole exploration, Pve, and soon Pvp.

We primarily operate on Fridays and Weekends between 20:00 and 2:00 Eve Time, but we have members pretty much everywhere so there’s usually atleast one main on at all times. Mining is definitely what most people are the region know us for, but we are now selling and transporting fuel blocks to adjacent corps in the area.

“Unlike” other corps, real-life comes first, and all corp events are completly optional by you. We do buyback programs as well as ship replacement programs, to help keep our miners making a smooth income. And I mean as long as you let either the CEO or directors know if you’re gonna be out for a little bit, you’re free to live your life without the hassle of updating us on every detail of your life.

Send in an application or let me (Wistro) know if you have any questions. We would like to have you no matter your experience level. Fly safe.

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