IGMAT Recruiting open now

IGMAT Mining and Transport recruitment now open:

We are a small player friendly non-demanding corporation and we are part of a large alliance in High sec.

We are looking for new members ( new players and veterans) for our corporation to join.

we are in need for members that are active, so if your planning to be online once a week or per two weeks just to login for 5 min and be off again, we have no place for you. we need members that active join the corp by being available during corp fleets, projects, fillaments, alliance support and much more, then we can use you.

wath can we offer:

Exchange plans between corp and alliance for support, home defence, alliance corp defences.
Miners, Planetarians Industrials, PVE, PVP, defense support for fleets and system stations, ore buy back and the availabillity of hundreds of moons to mine and lots more
Rewards for activity towards corp, free skills, free ships, training into industrial, monthly rewards.

Please contact us ingame on Igmat Recruitment channel

Teengallente - CEO of Igmat Mining and transport

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