Looking for High sec miners and ratters to join our crew

We are a friendly young corp welcoming new members. If you are looking to rat or mine in high sec then look no further. We welcome you whether you are new or experienced. We have a sister null sec corp with experienced pilots who can assist with guidance. We share a comms with them.

We offer ore and salvage buy back. As well as an opportunity to move to null when you feel ready. We are active in both EU and US time zones.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please join the RCB Recriutment channel in game or contact Silvana Stardust in game by evemail to chat about join our eve family.

Come mine with us :grinning:

We still need members

We are accept new members. We will teach you and you will have access to members with lots of knowledge. Lots of opportunity come chat with us please

Anywhere near metropolis are?

We are in the forge currently just a few jumps from jita

Still looking for high sec members

Howdy, quick question(s) - How many members and how active is the Corp?

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