Miner looking for corp close to jita

Hi, i am a miner looking for a high sec corp. Close to jita.

I dont like pvp. Just play eve to mining and build. I speak spanish and english.

  • I need a corp with:

Moon mining, buy ore back system, buff fleet and actives players. Add my in game and we start talk thk.

If interested mail me in game.

We have mining operations in Highsec and also currently c4 wh. If not into pvp thats fine as we have the already meantioned mining, but also industry and logistics operations, which supplies corp needs and the markets. We’re not far from jita, but with the logistics its never been an issue, and the nature of wh space, theres alaays an opening there every now and then.

So if interested or have questions just mail. Ill send a mail once in game.

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