LF High Sec corp

Hi, i’m an old Eve player. I have recently (3 months ago) come back with 3 new miners. After 2 months in a big null sec corp i have decided to move in HS space for a safer mining activity. In these days I created a char for pve and pvp and I’m looking for a good HS/LS corporation to have fun with other people. I’m looking for:
-Opportunity to join corp mining fleets (Moon,ice,ore).
-Corp Buyback program for ore,PI,ice
-Relaxed and friendly environment
-Pvp fleets (I’m not looking for big fleets every day, I just want to have fun in some well-organized roaming)
-Hs or Ls is both ok, but I’m interested in learning about the FW so a good LS corp/ally would be great for me.

Send an EVE mail to xxAstartesxx Branka or Fernet Branka. THX!

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