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Hello everyone! I’m looking for an high sec corp for my toons, after a short amount of time in null sec and around 3 months of game. I prefer a relaxed game for mission running and ore-moons-ice mining. The corp must be not war elegible. There would be a corp with a good number of players (i don’t want join a 10-man group or a dying corp). I also prefer corps in alliances with at least 100-150 active players.

-I’m not looking for 0% tax corp. I am happy to repay the corp or alliance for services that you offer me (moons for example) through reasonable fees

-No problem about ESI check for all my chars and accounts, but i don’t want voice interview or long recruitment process.

-I’m on 5-6 days in a week in EU timezone. I’m happy to join corp’s fleets or other ops but i don’t want obligations

Last thing: It would be perfect if the corp had friends or blue standing with groups playing in low sec / WH / null sec to get access to pvp fleets. It is not important, as I said above I’m looking for a relaxed gameplay, but to be able to participate in some fleets that shoots around new eden would be really perfect.

Mainly i would be happy to meet new friends and play together, improving my skills and my English

Send an EVE mail to “Mister Irrilevant” or reply here. Thank you guys, o7

you see corps/alliances with under 100 people as dying? is that what I’m reading?

I didn’t say this: I said I don’t want to join corps with 10 people or dying corps. Then I said that finding a group with at least 100,150 or 200 people would be great. If I find a corp with 20 or 30 members that is active and healthy, that’s fine. I explained myself wrong, sorry :slight_smile:

Just checking because that would put you out of the running for lots of HS groups

Understand and thx for advice! I’m only 3 months old here in EVE, don’t know well much things. However, I correct myself: I look for an active and healthy corp that can be a good fit for me. o/

You wont find a place with 100 active pilots at one time in any of high or low sec. If you want to be re-addicted to this game and experience most of what New Eden has to offer some chat to us.
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