The Serenity Syndicate - Join The Family

The Serenity Syndicate is a family of corporations that each have their own specialisation that gives members access to most of what New Eden has to offer. Wether you enjoy industry, pvp, K-Space (High/Low/Null) or wormhole space we have what you are you looking for… a home!

We are currently recruiting for the following corporations:

Sefem Ortus - Our primary corp is great for newbies and returning veterans wanting to dip their toes in many aspects of New Eden. Members have access to High Sec, Low Sec and Wormhole PvP, PvE and industry. No wars mean that members will always be supported by Concord in High Security space when following the rules. All players accepted.

Konvict Cartel - Our Null Sec Corporation, located deep in the outer rim of New Eden, giving members access to large fleets, Call To Actions, Null Sec public moon mining and ratting. Members in this corporation can enjoy unfettered access to the families, low and null sec, with high sec access dependant on current wars. 5 Mil+ SP limitation

What we offer:

  • Small Gang PvP Fleets and Fleet Warfare
  • Moon Mining Fleets
  • Ship Replacement Programs
  • Ship Giveaways for Sanctioned operations
  • Corporation Buyback Programs - (Loot and Ore)
  • Low tax to support structure upkeep and ship replacement

What we require:

  • Based on Corporation Requirements - In game application as well as registration/application through the respective corporation website.
  • 18+ only please

Join our Discord for a Chat!

Bump for an awesome group growing at a nice rate! Also looking for corps for high, low and wormhole operations!

Welcome to our new members.

Welcome home

Looking for members (new and old) and corporations that want to offer new players and returning veterans a chance to experience all of New Eden

Our wormhole is now active! Woot!

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