SEFEM ORTUS - AU TZ. New and Veteran players, PVP to Industry, High to Null

Sefem Ortus is looking for peeps for all kind of shenanigans. Whether you’re into PvP or PvE, piracy or being a carebear we are into it. The alliance has formed into a family of corps with differing interests that all work for a common goal… FUN in New Eden. We buy most pvp doctrines from our industrialists and we buy all loot obtained from PvE endeavours. We are also looking for EU/US Timezone corporations to support our initiatives other timezones.

What can you expect from us?

  • No activity targets on CTAs - Real Life first ALWAYS
  • Alliance supplied ships or full SRP for Call to Action fleets
  • High and Low Sec moon mining
  • Access to Null sec through our family of corps
  • Access to Faction Warfare through our family of corps
  • Full buyback scheme where all loot and materials are purchased from members
  • No DRAMA

What do we expect from you?

  • ESI access through EVE-HR upon application that stays active through your membership to our corporation or alliance
  • TeamSpeak access for operations or just general chit chat while online if so inclined
  • Discord access for pings and alliance annoucements (and access to our many NSFW channels lol)
  • 18+ only
  • Zero DRAMA

To join please go to our recruitment page below.

Recruitment Page

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