Recently returned 78m SP pilot looking for Highsec Corp

Just returning from a 2 year hiatus after suffering quite the burnout being a part of a Nullsec alliance.

Looking for a fairly casual high-sec corp with a mining/industrial focus including regular mining fleets - though I am always happy to also participate in other area’s such as PvE and group PvP (though my PvP skills were a bit lacking).

Seems a fair bit has changed since my last log-in so, will need a little time to catchup, relearn and refamiliarize certain aspects of the game.

I am a UK/EU player, usually available late evenings/weekends. If anyone feels they have a suitable home for a player like myself, please let me know :slight_smile:

I see you are looking for a high sec corp because you burned out of null sec.
Sadface, we are a small casual corp living in null sec, searching for new souls out there that would like to join our family.

We’re social and mostly do industry related things, but you are free to do whatever you like. I can promise you that this wont burn you out. :wink:

Feel free to read up on The Nordic Associates, you can find us by searching in contacts or in recruitment center.

Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

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