LF high-sec PvE care bear Corp, maybe willing to dip toes into PvP

I’m looking for an active group of people playing in high sec doing the various lucrative PvE content available. I’ve been hopping Corp to Corp lately because I keep getting invited to corps that say they do stuff and there’s only 1 other member who isn’t active on the days I play.

~19.5ish million SP character. Played way back in the day but never really learned a lot about the game. Mostly just do casual data site exploring and level 3 missions.

US TZ - usually on in the evenings/nights on weekends

Instead of highsec why not try null. You will have way more pvp down here and also have the chance to make billions of isk. Imperium Technologies is recuiting more active players. We are a pvp focused corp. And are willing to teach new member everythi g they need to know to survive and make billion down here in null. I was a highsec carebear before moving down here to null. Now i am down here i would nenver look back. There is tons of pve cotent and also pvp.

Msg me in game for more detail or my discord


I appreciate the advice, but I mostly want to do high sec because my play times are sporadic. I don’t really own any ships that can do a ton on their own down in null, so I want an environment where I know if I log in I can just accomplish something by myself, even if it is just shitty little mission agents.

Null is the goal eventually, but I just don’t think I’m ready yet.

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I’m in the same boat . I tried to join a null sec and was advised not to .

Now I’m floundering

I was in ur position several mo ths ago, i was running lvl 3 mission and scanninh and mining. I came down here to null with little to nothing in my pocket. I have made more isk then i ever would in high sec. I explore and scan. We also have easy to get into ratting ships like the gila. Also our member will most then like help you rat also if you reconsider. Yes it is a change to adjust to null. But you have more security down here in null then you do in high sec. Our collalition own the whole south west portion of the map. So when ypu are ready and feel you want to wet your feet in null. There is no better place then what we have.

How many skill points are needed to join ?

I sent you a friend request in discord, name is sock

Ecoi i believe i sent you a in game msg if your interested. We can speak more in game

Sent you a friend request

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