Looking for active high-sec corp

I’m looking for an active high-sec corp.
For now, I was playing on- and off for about half a yeah but mostly alone. (The corp I’m in is just my own “solo”-corp) I’m from germany but my english is mostly fine.

So I’m looking for a corp which is active but not too strict. I’d sometimes like to do my own but would still love some corpmates to run missions, mine or just hang out with.

Until now I mostly did industry or mission running and have “only” 4 million SP. (upgraded to omega recently)

This is what I’d like to to know in advance (Per ingame mail please):

Where are you active? (I’m currently in Minmatar space - metropolis, but would be ready to move)
TS or Discord available?
How many members are active on peak-times?
Is there enough teamplay? Doing missions, mining, maybe even pvp?

That’s it for now. Looking forward to some mails!

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