Looking for an active high sec corp - US TZ

Very experienced player with multiple characters that can do and likes to do a little of everything. Mostly I’m looking for an active high sec corporation to join (actually has a sold base of people online at most times in US TZ) that actively likes to do things with each other (not because its required but just because they like to). I guess really I’m looking more for a social group then someone with big goals, I’ve done everything (low sec, null, whs) and really just wanna take it easy in empire in my bitter vet years.

Well, I do run a bit of a small group of very social good guys who primarily operate in Low Sec but we all do indy in high sec and Low Sec. We’re all adults and the only rules we have are being active on comms and having a positive attitude. We play to have fun and not do the whole super serious space ship stuff. Our members have even meet up irl and stuff. We’re rebuilding the corp a bit now and its a great time to join as we regrow. We do a ton of indy and fun pvp stuff, no required ops other than defensive ones.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Still looking to hear from other corps as well.

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