Returning Player Looking for High-Sec Mining Corp

Hello, I’m a returning player after a long hiatus and I’d like to join a large, well-organized high-sec mining corp with a focus on industry/trade.

I currently pilot a Hulk which isn’t super useful solo. Consequently, I’d really like to join a corp where there are large, coordinated mining ops to participate in. For now I’d like to stick to high-sec, but I’m not opposed to low-sec or wormhole operations in the future.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a casual player, but I’m mostly here to just have fun and don’t have time to get super involved on a regular basis. I’d just like a group of buddies to mine/chat with after work and over the weekends.

If you think your corp fits this description, please feel free to reach out! Thanks for reading!

Hey mate. Check out Celestial Precision and Loading Alliance. They are Mining/ Industry based and also do a lot of PvE/ filament stuff. Really social Alliance with a lot knowledge and expertise in multiple facets of the game. Good people. They might be what you are looking for.
Look them up.

Thanks for the suggestion Fyr_Cassell! I will take a look.

If you are looking for a super casual and no commitment group take a look into “The Atreen Project” There is a community channel setup to help all kinds of folks have fun in eve. Join the in game channel “Atreen Universal”. You can stay in your current corp if you want too.


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