High Sec Industrialists and Miners needed for fast growing corp, Newbros welcome

We have just added a webiste, very basic for now, but check in to see what we’re about here - https://sites.google.com/view/usfed/home

There is a lot of isk to be made in High Sec if you do it right. We’ve spent time in null sec and enjoyed a great income, but too many politics and war decs for us to chill long enough and enjoy the incoming isk!

So we have established a high sec industrial corp, and we are looking for miners and people who are wanting to get further into industry. To help newbros out, we are constantly investing in BPO’s which all members have access to.

Currently we have about 150 BPO’s available to new members, which you can use to build whatever you’d like.

We are situated in a 0.5 system with a lot of moons so your income is already much better than belt mining. We offer Orca boosts, corp buy back program if you want to sell your ores for instant cash, or you can use our BPO’s in our own station for you to increase you profit margins more.

We have future expansion plans into null, but only after we are showing high profit in High Sec and you will never be forced to move out of High.

If you are chasing pure isk, we can help you there as well. Several of our members run incursions in high sec earning 100m+ per hour and we can coach you to that. When we have more incursion ready members we will be running our own sites as well.

So come chill out, shoot some rocks, build some stuff and make some isk! We use Discord, voice is optional except for incursions, where you will have to at least listen in.

To apply you can search for United Stellar Federation in game, or drop me a message here in the forums.

Recruitment is still open, thank you to those who wrote in and a special thanks to those who joined.

Recruitment is still open. We’ve gathered some more Orca pilots and a couple incursion runners, so we’ll be hosting our own fleets in the not too distant future.

Hey. New player here. I started a few days ago. Amarr faction, still in the early systems as I finish the agent missions and get used to the various systems of the game(Mining, Exploration). I am curious to learn more about your corporation, such as where it is located and what time zone is most active.

Hey Mazrik,

While I’m very happy that you’re interested in the corp, posting location and active hours on the forum is not always the smartest idea so I’ll have to refrain from that for now :smiley:

If you want to drop me a message in game I can invite you to our public channel. Or message me any questions you may have and I’ll reply there.

Kind regards,

Things are moving well for the corp. New pilots daily, mining volumes increasing, PvE missions bringing in iskies. Come be part of the fun!

USFed Pub <-- public channel name

Corp is still recruiting! Getting more pilots every day and looking forward to grinding out some beautiful iskies.

Added the web URL to the original post - https://sites.google.com/view/usfed/home

And we’re growing still :smiley: Come mine some moon poo with us today! You know you want to.

Still recruiting, and added some more info on the site. More members running incursions and the isk is beginning to flow!

And we’re back to recruiting. Come pop in and say hi. Public channel name is USFed Pub - or just drop me a message in game.

Amazing how many returning players are coming in to our corp. If noobs are Newbros here, what are returning players? Oldbros?

Eve is more fun in a fleet!

Anyone else realy want to watch Spaceballs again?

My main is heavily into T-2 builds, faction builds, T-3, caps, etc, also an orca pilot and much more!

Seems like we both do very similar activities, I also have a boat load of BPO’s that have already been researched and am still expanding further, sounds like we should communicate, drop me a mail so we can chat, don’t have discord but I’m sure that can be fixed, my hours of play are usually weekend’s PCT/USTZ.

So we’ve added a couple Athanors to the corp to keep up with the membership expansion. Come get some moon poo :smiley:

Last influx of players have all settled in, finished our first mining op, getting some newbros into incursions in earning that sweet sweet isk.

Now we’re recruiting again! Come join on up folks.

I’m running out of ways to bump this post. Someone come be my muse!

The corp has grown a lot, with far more pvp pilots than I anticipated so it looks like we will be expanding more structures shortly. We’re also looking at null sec rental space and weighing up our options atm. Things are progressing well! Come get onboard and make some isk with us.

Alrighty, we will be doing some mass recruiting soon to bring in the next wave of new recruits. Our corp industry project has kicked off and should start showing profits soon, and our next set of stations have been planned.

Come be part of US Fed! Chill, eat some moon rocks, shoot some sansha, and talk some #$%^ :smiley:

We have a mining op tomorrow at around 14:30 Eve Time. Full fleet, shared can mining with multiple orca boosts at a good moon. Join up today, get over here, and come make some iskies!