United Stellar Federation - A place for you to chill and mine

We have established a high sec industrial corp, and we are looking for miners and people who are wanting to get further into industry. To help newbros out, we are constantly investing in BPO’s which all members have access to. We have access to a full industry park in a low sec system right next to our Home Base.

We are situated in a 0.5 system with a lot of moons so you can AFK mine if that is what you prefer to do. We offer Orca boosts, corp buy back program if you want to sell your ores for instant cash, or you can use our BPO’s in our own station for you to increase your profit margins more.

We have access to a Null sec pocket provided by the Alliance we have joined, so if ratting/PvP is what tickles your fancy there is plenty of people to kill out there. In addition, we have a low sec pocket that has an industry park for those that like industry, as mentioned above.

If you are chasing pure isk, we can help you there as well. Several of our members run incursions in high sec earning 100 - 250 mil + per hour and we can coach you to that. When we have more incursion ready members we will be running our own sites as well.

So come chill out, shoot some rocks, build some stuff and make some isk! We use Discord, voice is optional except for incursions, where you will have to at least listen in.

To apply you can search for United Stellar Federation in game, or join the ‘USFed Pub’ channel in-game, or drop me a message here in the forums.

Summary of what we do:

  • High-Sec Asteroid/Moon Mining
  • Ice Mining 2 jumps out from Home Base
  • Incursion Running
  • Low-Sec Industry
  • Null-Sec PvP

Still recruiting.

Recruiting still going on, so if you have an questions or want to apply join our chat channel “Usfed Pub” and we’ll have a conversation with you.

your discord not working mate

Thank you, I have noticed Gale.

We are still recruiting, new guys are in touch every day :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope that is the last time I have to update no expiry date links.

Still recruiting miners. We have mining fleets every single day and an awesome buyback, 95% Jita for the time being for Veldpsar/Scordite/Pyroxeres/Kernite (which could be for a while)

We still have space in our mining fleets for those that want to join, and for those that want to do PvP in null but live the no war dec life, we still have space for you.

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