Looking for Members and Staff - High Sec Moon Mining corp with BPO library

TUF Industries

We’re a high sec mining and industry corp, setup our stations in a good system about a year ago, and now it’s time to push recruitment :slight_smile: We’re looking for more than just members, but also people who are looking to help grow a community.

What we have

Currently we have 9 moons with three pops a week. Each being three week pulls.
T2 refining (Moon Ore and Belt Ore) and T1 Ice Athanor
Rigged Azbel for Blueprint research and copying.
Extensive BPO library you can use to make your own BPC’s or build directly in station
Rigged Raitaru for building stations and fuel block production
We’re 3 jumps from a system that spawns two ice belts.
17 regular belts in our system.

I’m not going to list everything. You’ve seen it a hundred times. Yes we do buyback etc etc etc :smiley:

What we want
We don’t want to run this as a traditional corp. We’ve invested a lot of isk into an infrastructure, and now we’d like to share it with people. We’re looking for people who just want to mine and sell ore, people who want to build and make things in HS, or people who want to help us grow the community.

Currently we’re most active from 15:00 Eve Time (moon pop times) but we are planning on adding another 6 moons into rotation very soon and will set these at different times depending on what members want.

Rules and requirements
The only real rule is don’t be a dick, unless it’s really funny. And even then, sparingly.

No real requirements. We’re not allied or associated with any of the null corps. Individual members can support whomever they want. As a corp we don’t take sides and avoid all politics. Newbros are welcome to come mine and use our BPOs. We would love some more Orca pilots to start boosting as well. Recruiters would be amazing, and eventually PvE FC’s for running various sites.

We use discord, but voice is not required and is rarely used.

I think this is long enough. Come pop in to Discord TUF Industries - or send an ingame request to Tuf Industries to join the corp!

We’re out mining now for at least another 4 hours. Come say hi!

Chomping on some ores as we speak. Come get some!

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