EU/USA Mining and more Experienced/Returning/New

TUF Industries is located in Highsec a small number of jumps from Jita and has a strong foundation in mining. We provide multiple moon mining fleets per week in both USA and EU time zones and many of our members earn an excellent income from this stable, regular activity spending the rest of their time in other areas of the game they enjoy. We pride ourselves on providing a relaxed and welcoming gaming community where everyone is treated like family, and in which you can enjoy the game your way, whether you’re into mining, industry, PvP, exploration, or any other aspect of Eve Online. No matter your level of experience we are here to help you get the best from your game experience and encourage experienced, returning and new players to apply.

We offer:

  • Mining Fleets with max boosts and compression from our experienced Orca pilots
  • Access to Gas Huffing and Ice sites
  • Easy access to Lowsec
  • Researched BPO library
  • Azbel for cheap Research and Manufacturing
  • Ore/Loot/Material buyback at 90% Jita

Our rules are simple don’t be a dick do be respectful of others.

There is no required activity level or participation in the Corp - we understand not everyone can login every day or wants to chat all the time.

To chat go to our discord TUF Industries or TUF Chat in game. Otherwise apply in game.

Fly safe o7.

TUF still alive?

I sure hope so or I’m moon mining with a bunch of ghosts right now :stuck_out_tongue: