TUF Industries Recruiting Newbros

Are you looking for a relaxed and welcoming gaming community where everyone is treated like family? Look no further than TUF Industries! We are a small corporation that embraces players of all experience levels, whether you’re a newbro or a seasoned veteran. Real life always comes first, so there are no requirements for activity or participation.

At TUF Industries, we value friendliness, maturity, and respect. Toxicity, drama, and derogatory comments have no place in our community. We foster a positive environment where you can enjoy the game your way, whether you’re into mining, industry, PvP, exploration, or any other aspect of Eve Online. We are always ready to lend a helping hand and answer your questions.
Join us on our Discord, TUF Industries

Here’s a list of the services we offer:

• Orca Mining Boosts
We have a few Orca pilots who can provide boosts to make your mining more efficient!

• Industry
Want to get into manufacturing? We’ve got you sorted with our expansive blueprint library available to all members.

• Athanors for Moon Mining and Reprocessing
3 Moon mining fleets available every week

• Azbel for cheap Research and Manufacturing!
Expanding on our Manufacturing facilities to fulfil each category in the future.

• All Loot/Material Buyback Program
We’ll buy your stuff from you at 90% Jita Buy orders.

We have very few rules or requirements:

• Be mature and respectful - this includes no derogatory comments of any sort, no toxicity, and no drama
• Make tons of isk!!

There is no required activity level or participation in the Corp - we understand not everyone can login every day or wants to chat all the time.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on our Discord, or join the “TUF Chat” channel in-game.
Otherwise, if you feel like The United Federation is the place for you, send an application in-game with some basic info - what kind of stuff you like to do, what are you looking for in a Corp, etc.

Fly safe, and have a good day! o7

Still recruiting

Still recruiting new members

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