New Industrial Corp

Integrity in Industry.

New Industry based corporation with an honest approach.
We operate in High sec with interests in Low sec.
We are involved in Moon mining, Manufacturing, Research, Reactions, Mission running and small gang PvP
Core production is based around the manufacture of ships including Cov. ops, Recons, Black Ops, Transports, Blockade runners and Jump frieghters but most areas of manufacturing are within the scope of the Corp.

Experience is not necessary just the right attitude.
Members are free to play as they please, it is a game, the only thing asked is members and other players are treated with respect and maturity.

Alpha, Omega and New player friendly.

Uk/EU based TZ
Relaxed but motivated approach

Openings for department heads
Ore buyback scheme.
Regular moon mining.
Orca boosts.
Corp. buyback on select components and items.
Manufacturing Facilities.
Research Facilities.

Comprehensive Ship replacement programs including:-
Replacement ships for ganked miners.
T1, T2, T3 and Capital replacements for PvP fleet ops.
T1 up to BC replacements for mission runners.

Free advice, help, skill books and ships for new players
Extensive blueprint library.

Currently looking for Miners, Industrialists, mission runners and PvP pilots.

Always looking to expand our supplier base for bulk materials and minerals.


Fyr Cassell or Kylakin

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