Brand new industry corp looking for players!

This is a brand new industry corp that is being built from the ground up. New players in our corp are just as important as veterans, especially since we need the help to build and grow.

What we want:

  • People that work well in a team without drama (you can learn the rest)

  • Discord with a microphone or the willingness to buy a microphone

  • Full API access which we will explain what it is and how to get it

What the corp offers:

  • Orca support (The ship that makes your mining lasers better)

  • A big pile of shiny stuff for new miners as well as the chance to try out various roles.

  • Mining fleets the bigger the better

  • Very fair pay for mining operations/ Ore Buyback

  • Non mandatory fleets/ops

  • Advancement within the corp (We don’t promote friends positions are available)

Mail me in game please, I’d like to discuss mining with you.

Thank you

Will do

If you can mail me in game please

No problem


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I joined a few days ago and would recommend the corp to anyone who is either just starting out in Eve and wants to learn, or older players who want to join a growing industry corp with big plans, and to be part of it from the start.

Message / convo PLANKTON PLANKTON or myself in-game if you’re interested.

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