High Sec Mining & Industry Corp

The Grand Industry of Sealand is a relatively new industry corp, focused mainly and initially on mining, but in the process of branching off into other areas.

We’re mostly EU TZ, however US TZ welcome too as we plan for an even split in the long term.

All players are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP.

We offer the following

  • Mining fleets / ops w/Orca support
  • Corp buy back for your raw materials
  • Opportunity for promotion
  • Support for new players (skills, mods, ships, etc)
  • A growing collection of BPO’s to manufacture from

Additionally, there are solid plans underway for mission running, exploration, and anything else the corp members want to be involved in. If you want to do it, the corp will support you.

As we’re a new corp, the players that join now not only get the chance to help shape the corp at an early stage, but there are also opportunities for promotion, if desired.

We currently have a good mix of veteran and new players. Nothing is mandatory - your time is yours, you will never be told what to do and when. We don’t ask for much, really just

  • Mature attitude
  • Discord & a mic

and that’s it. Promise. For more info either reply here, or get in touch in the following ways:

Private Chat / Mail: PLANKTON PLANKTON or Type Blue
In Game Chat: Sealand Guest Channel
Discord: Sealand Guest Channel

Online now if anyone wants to chat, has questions, or just plain feeling lonely.

We’re still recruiting - have already got some really good people on board the last few days, and looking for more.

Online now for q’s etc.

Hey. Where are you based?

Hi DreQ

We’re in and around Amarr space.


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Hey I just jumped on your discord but I could not direct message anyone to have a chat, said your server has disabled direct messages.

Hi Ladyfire

I’m not too clued up on how discord works, but I’ll pass this on to someone who is and get them to reply back to you here.


thanks, I am at work atm. I finish in 15 mins so will be home on my PC soon. Thanks for your reply

Hello ill change the permissions to allow chat thanks for brining it up. You can message me in game if your interested in joining if that makes things easier.

thanks just got home now so logging in

Recruitment is going really (REALLY!) well. We’re still keeping it open for the foreseeable future so if you’re interested, or just have questions, get in touch.

Private Chat / Mail: PLANKTON PLANKTON or Type Blue
In Game Chat: Sealand Guest Channel
Discord: Sealand Guest Channel

Spaces still available, get in touch if interested or for more information.


hey corp sounds great but does anyone in corp mission run?

Yeah we do a lot of missions scheduled ops and unscheduled

So, I am a pretty new Alpha clone player who might be interested in joining a Corp. What kind of missions do you run? Are they Agent missions for LP or anomalies / DED cosmic signature sites?

Sorry if this a noob question…

Hey, sent you all an ingame message. Hopefully US TZ won’t be an issue for me to join.

All time zones are welcome and as for missions and sites/sigs we do all them however it is mainly agent missions

I have not received a message