The United Federation - High Sec Corp Looking for new members

TUF Industries is strategically located away from major trading hubs but with easy access to Jita. We have a high-sec industrial system that has 9 Athanors, 1 Raitaru (configured for station building), and 1 Azbel. The Azbel serves as the home station, housing a substantial blueprint library and facilities for BPO research and copying. The corporation conducts three weekly moon pops, each containing substantial ISK. A BPO Library, valued at over 150 billion ISK, covers subcapital ships, T1 components, station components and the stations Raitaru, Athanor, and Astrahus.

Our home system has a lot of unused moons for future expansion and plan to expand our operations in the future. TUF Industries aims to foster a community-driven corporation, breaking away from traditional hierarchical structures. Starting with industry, we plan to diversify into various aspects of the game. Having previously experienced burnout due to doing everything by ourselves, we now seek to grow strategically, involving the community in different leadership roles.

Industry and Mining

TUF Industries industrial setup, including Athanors, a significant BPO collection, and specialized structures, provides a solid foundation. Despite potentially lower ISK per hour, it caters to players with busy schedules looking for a relaxed gaming experience. The corporation is actively seeking players for key roles:

  • Orca Boosters: Responsible for moon compression and preferably equipped for ice mining in nearby fields.

  • Porpoise Boosters: Tasked with asteroid compression for belt mining.

  • Station Managers: Overseeing moon pops, scheduling events, and managing station fuel.

  • Mining Fleet Commanders: Likely Orca pilots, opening and managing mining fleets, including scheduled moon pops and other resources like special ores and ice fields.

PvE Small Fleet ISK Grinding

This segment focuses on creating a diverse fleet engaged in various activities, from occasional events to tackling challenging sites like Vanguard incursions. The goal is to offer ships for all skill levels, promoting both efficiency and community engagement. As the fleet grows, flexibility in running different sites together becomes achievable. The key roles to be filled are:

  • PvE Fleet FCs: Individuals capable of using communication systems, understanding sites, and coordinating fleets. Ideally, they would also be trained as boosters and in other essential skills for fleet management.

  • Booster Pilots: Depending on the finalized doctrine fits, the corporation requires pilots for both shield and armor boosters.

TUF Industries envisions a cooperative and dynamic community experience, emphasizing teamwork and shared enjoyment of the game. While ISK is crucial, the corporation places equal importance on nurturing a sense of community among its members. The outlined roles reflect the corporation’s commitment to providing diverse gameplay opportunities and building a strong, interconnected player community.

Join us online in the chat channel “TUF Chat” we’d love to have you!

Still recruiting

We have a moon mining fleet tonight. So send those applications in today!

Another moon mining fleet happening tonight. Applications open for those that want to join!

Another moon pop happening today, send in those invites to join us today!

Newbros are very much welcom as well!

Still looking to recruit new members into the corp

Still recruiting

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