Join TUF Industries: Forge Your Future in Industry, Mining, and PvE!

Are you looking for a home and not a corp? Like a stable base that gives you the freedom to pursue what floats your boat? Does the thought of disappearing into a large corporation leave you cold?

TUF Industries is a small group growing with the investments we make in both people and infrastructure. What can you bring to our family? We welcome all levels of experience including new players.

Multiple US and EU moon mining fleets per week with 6 at present working towards 14 per week.

Experienced Orca pilots with max boosts and compression.

Athanor for reprocessing.

Azbel for cheap Research and Manufacturing.

Over $100 billion in BPO’s providing researched BPC’s.

Voluntary buy back on loot and material at 90% Jita.

No required activity level or participation in the Corp - we understand not everyone can login every day or wants to chat all the time.

Curious? Have a chat with us TUF Industries or TUF Chat in game.

Come join us in discord or In-game chat and see fi we will be a good fit for you!

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