[GUDC] Mining, Industry, Missions - Newbro, Alpha friendly

Set up in 0.5 Gallente space, next to low sec, we have a lot of opportunities. Weekly moon wrecking for those special ores. Research, Invention, Manufacturing in our refinery. We have a 0.1% tax Cithadel in system as well, so those who want to start trading for the area have the option. Being next to low sec that’s a FW system has some opportunity! Close to Dodixie as well, so easy hauling if you rather just a trade hub. So industry opportunities are many.

I run level 4 Gallente missions. Am slowly working on all Epic 4 corporations standing so I can lead epic 4 arcs. (without damaging standing by doing storyline missions, so it’s slow going) Perhaps we will get enough to try better Incursions as well.

Being next to low sec, I hope to get enough people interested we can roam in there. Make it our own little place for better missions, mining and so forth. Or perhaps we will join FW one day. Teach miners how to watch local for hostiles in preparations for their future career. Put simply, I do not want to be a corp that becomes stagnant in one and only one role. I found that extremely boring when I first played.

Corps that may want to remain their own entity, but the idea of moon mining times, industry and all that, are encouraged to message to. Having more blue friends is nice and I don’t think we need to be in an alliance to cooperate. So feel free to message as well and perhaps we can collaborate!

Yes I am also a roleplayer, though I won’t be enforcing it in corp chat channel. But it is an avenue. In the past, most I did with corp mates was collaborate story creating, that they then used for fanfic online and not in game. So don’t worry, I won’t be toweling my space-goo filled hair in front of you.

Contact Rita Toralen with questions or for more information. Or join channel Capsuleer Coalition

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Doing level 4 security missions in Gallente space. If you want to tag along, send me a message!

If you’re a corp looking for a refinery to use and moon rocks on cycle, let me know! Can adjust the mining schedule to what works best. Let’s set something up. The more blue friends the better!

Dang, this recruiting thing is tough. Can’t even give roster spots away. Cuz that’s what I am doing! It’s for free XD

small corp. Definitely interested in refinery for compressing and reprocessing. would not complain about the chance at some moon rocks. Blue is good!!! Message me.


Now added a chat channel. Looking to meet both players and corps!

Buy orders for ore in system are also up! If not me, then another local corp with a market and 0.1% tax. Great system to grow away from hubs, but not too far that you can’t get what you need without jumping dozens of jumps! Even freighter available for courier contracts if need be.

Keep litter out of space! Missions can leave behind a lot of mess. If you’re a new pilot, training to a destroyer with salvagers and tractor beams does not take long. Then join up and we can help you clean up the wreckages of pirate scum to keep space clean!

Well I am alone on Valentine’s Day. Was wading through null, got alpha’ed pretty hard so docking up until much later when it feels safe to venture out. I probably surprised the player by surviving the strike in my Wraith. Almost 30k eHP flex Still brought me to hull! If he had used the Interdiction probe properly, I would’ve been toast. Luckily he had it so I could be stuck but still in docking range.

Oh right. Um, join my corp. I am bad at this recruiting thing. But made some friends in corporations! Amazing how that will happen if you offer moon poop. Could also be scaring people away by being a turd on forums? I dunno. Maybe I think I matter too much!

Nothing witty in this daily bump

she may be bad at recruiting, but she is certainly capable of playing EVE with the most cutthroat. Made an agreement to start mining with her, was offered the use of her Athanor. Spent 3 days over last weekend mining moon goo. Had everything stored in her refinery, which is where it stays. Had committed to bringing my command ship to boost fleet for this weekend’s moon mine. This morning I find I have lost privileges and am locked out without a reason or an explanation, or more importantly a communication. best part of 2 nights mining, refining and compressing now outside my grasp…indefinitely. Love the sandbox. New players, this is not the right choice for you. Fly safe, and use your mining toons someplace else.

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