High Sec Industrialists and Miners needed for fast growing corp, Newbros welcome

Mining Op today! Come join up and get in on some moon poo!

Nearly a billion isk mined from that moon before we got tired and went pure AFK mode with Orcas :smiley:

We have decided to have several small moons pop during the week to keep our AFK miners busy and not needing to eat belts like a bunch of peasants. Drop a message or swing by if you want in.

What TZ is your Corp, mostly? I’m on your public Chat and don’t see anyone. Thanks

Hey. We are mostly in the EU timezone, and most of the guys aren’t in the public chat unfortunately. Our busiest time seems to be early evening late afternoon in the EU.

Looking to join, got a discord?

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Yes we do - https://discord.gg/xmHBdAa - We are a lot of industrialists so most of the time we’re dealing with real life while mining away in the background. For fleets, and some dodgy stuff in other side corps we hop into voice.

Anyone can join that discord and assign themself roles to different areas. Corp categories are restricted to corp members though, so I have to manually assign those roles.

Heyo folks. Recruitment is still up. Come get some iskies :smiley:

Running another mining op at 14:00 Eve Time, sign up now and come get some moon goo :smiley:

Did you know that you’re not allowed to just write BUMP to bump your post up?

Good morning, Still recruiting?

Thanks for the bump! And yes, yes we are.

A lot of folks are doing pesky real life stuff over this season though :smiley: But we’re still open for business. You can drop me a message in game if you’d like.

So I decided to throw together a recruitment ad, let me know what you think :smiley:

I am very interested in joining!

Well then come join :smiley:

In case anyone has been watching this thread, wondering whether or not Zane joined. You know, the whole will they won’t they thing… well, they did :smiley:

That’s probably quite an elaborate way to bump the post.

Turned on 5 new Athanors today. The next phase in expansion is under way!

Hi, I am interested in joining. I am returning player with 2 characters - one is more security mission focussed and the other indy/manfu/trader. The indy can run a orca and build then (which I have bought already) but I have really totally forgotten how to do the mining side) Have Not played properly in about 10 years! but have over the last month just building up some skill points. Both around 8m mark. :sweat_smile:


You are more than welcome to come join us and re-learn what’s happening. I’d guess about 3/4 of our corp are returning players, so you will fit right in :slight_smile:

Drop a message in game or just apply to the corp and we’ll get you onboard.


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And recruiting again :slight_smile: We got a couple new hefty miners, increased our moon pulls, and now we’re ready to bring on more rock eaters!

Interested On my way! Home