Dear New Eden's fine Miners and Industrialists

Today is my Community Birthday so please send me evemail to my inbox to then be invited to a system for a small party where we will perform mining and planet pi. We can talk about barge fittings and the ideal planet setup. I am interested in listening to your stories and what troubles you in New Eden. I have put together a small entertainment package that will line up for the select few who care enough to send me a evemail where I can share with you (if you wish) how we can together build a solid foundation that takes us over the current hurdles we are facing.

Be well Miners and Industrialists and I understand if this was short notice and perhaps I/we will catch you next year in New Eden on this fine day…


Happy anniversary. So close to the stars aligning too:


Could have had a 2-for.

What timezone is this gank party happening in?

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All day event for me and undocking is only an option as us miners know how to hide.

/Also I am on the in game clock

@Iceacid_Frostpacker I don’t mine but congrats on your year, good luck and have fun.

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Happy “birthday” !

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So a carbear talkshow? Sounds exciting. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope cats show up and spice up the mood. :cat: :smirk:

Happy anniversary I guess. :wink:

:cake: :snowflake:


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