EVE Online Mining Mug ..EVE Merch

Hellow , I made a design of a Mug …it is a basic concept.

Why? I look in Merch store for something about mining in EVE and there is no one.
Please share under this post what do you think about the design and topic.

Steam art link - Steam Community :: :: EVE Online Merch Mining MUG? MUG MUG MUG


Remove the hisec part. Mining happens all through new eden not just hisec.


@BillMaster_Oddolara It looks ok.
I would have had a Venture with an orbit trail going half around the design.

Why “Highsec Mining” ? As mentioned above, mining happens in everysec.


Agree with the above suggestions.

Also perfect subject for @Iceacid_Frostpacker to provide his feedback. :wink: :snowflake:

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@Uriel_the_Flame Miner extraordinaire @Iceacid_Frostpacker ?

Not sure about the extraordinaire but miner for sure. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp: :innocent:


Seeing that you had dragged me away from the asteroid belt, I shall ask you a question if I may!

**Why is it ever so difficult to make space buddies?** (related background of a reply evemail I just received)

Thanks for that! I didn’t accept that contract because at the time I didn’t really know who you where, and I also don’t really understand contracts much due to still being bad at this game even though I have been playing for 2 years.
Btw, why do you attack the white diamond npc? did they do something to you or u doing it just for fun or proffits?

(This is my comment on the event.)
Now I thought about helping pilots who I cross path with and just being a good miner and I try to speak with others in local yet my dialogue is just misunderstood most of the time.

(Then this evemail received eariler.)

Hey what was that you where talking about in the chat?
Also where you the guy that gave me some kind of contract with stuff not too long ago?
Are you trying to get me to join your corp?

Thanks for treating me with respect! o7

I am trying to be the New Eden Miner Extraordinaire

/ BillMaster Oddolara
I like the mug and would comment that it could even be a special type of compound that only shows the front/logo etc once hot liquid enters the mug.

Had you seen a mug that can do that? I have and would buy an Eve Online mug if it had that feature.


I wonder why CCP doesn’t get into mass 3d printing of ships + merch for more income?

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Because particularly here in the UK trying to order something results in stupidly high postage, inevitably higher than the cost of what you’re wanting to order.


Never heard great stuff about shipping stuff in Europe…

Have no worries CCP is hard at work on (in their mind) a much more lucrative alternative:

NFTs :eyes:

Coming to a NES near you… soon™.


So, I’m going to have to take it all back.

I went to order to get you an example price and it appears that they have opened an EU merch store.

It doesn’t seem to have the keyrings or mouse mats, but the beer mug I want is now just £6.00 postage rather than around £30.

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That would be neat.

But is it really difficult to make space buddies? I wouldn’t know as of yet because I have been busy setting up my three characters and haven’t so far taken the time to be social, besides that little unfruitful adventure I had fleeting up off the cuff in Minmatar space.
Maybe there’s an issue of trust in a game where one player can be 50 different characters and sometimes all at the same time. Even a corporation invite could be viewed with suspicion. Are they really interested in you? Do they only want to pad their numbers? Is there a tax catch or some other thing I may not even be aware of? I did receive such an invitation out of the blue. The more I kept wondering why and the less I wanted to accept the invite.
There’s also a question of time zone and time spent logged in…
I’m sorry I don’t have a more meaningful answer.

Maybe if one pours hot liquid in it a new line of text appears at the bottom of the label:





Here, I fixed the high-sec image for you.


Hey, I’d buy it. Snoopy is the only Peanuts character worth a damn.

Optional: alarm for low coffee levels


Glad to see that! The EU has been really the core of EVE online. With us US folk at a distant second lol.

How about it starts off as being an asteroid on the side of the mug, then as hot liquid enters this mug the asteroid fades due to the heat to review a venture mining away on a belt? In the background a Coercer can be seen at a distance?

May we settle for that example?


Sounds good to me. :slight_smile: