[WIP] Mining App

(Andromeda Uitra) #1

Hey guys,

I know something like this probably exists but maybe someone will find it useful. I’m developing a SPA for miners to figure out what they could be making per hour while mining with their specific ship fitting.

It can be found here: http://www.evemining.net

I haven’t optimized it for mobile yet, so desktop only for now. I’ll get around to adding the Gas table this week. Other plans I have are to add refining features and displaying locations to find all the ore and ice but if anyone else has any suggestions or ideas I’d love to hear them!

Current To-Do:

  • Add Mining Drones
  • Compressed/Uncompressed Toggle States
  • Custom Tables (Only show certain ore types)
  • Show ISK per m3

Thank you!

Edit: Note I’m primarily a UI designer. Development is something I’m in the process of learning so there may be bugs/discrepancies. This runs on Angular 4.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #2

Bookmarked already. Start looking great and I like layout. But can you make option to sort by isk/h and maybe to compare price to specific region or trade hub? But last one probable need to rework API script so this is your call.

And most important. Think about adding paypal donation button somewhere (if this don’t break any eve rules) or character name for isk donations :wink:

(Andromeda Uitra) #3

Thank you! Sorting is now live and yeah I have plans to add finding where the best locations to sell your ore are at.

I don’t have any interest in taking $$ donations but I went ahead and added a little snippet in the sidebar in case anyone has the urge to donate ISK.

Thank you again!

(MacGregor Orlenard) #4

I don’t think this is good option since they travel time may affect isk/h so data will be inaccurate. Just something to consider.

Is there any way to easy store yeld settings etc.? Maybe using cookies?

Also I wanted to ask if you could add here informations about updates/changes here?

If need any help (test something etc.) you can PM me here or mail @MacGregor_Ortis in game.

(Krima Sumyungi) #5

Considering there are mining ships that can only use drones, I’d say it’s a rather important option.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #6

Something I would like to see as a feature down the road. Would be an ability to track how much of which ores would be needed for optimal manufacturing. Even if it’s a rough guideline.

Something where you could select your refining skills. Enter how much of what minerals you need. And what ores you have available and it would spit out (for example) 200 ark, 900 spud 720 omber and 27000 veld.

Would be handy for manufacturing to see exactly how much of which ores to hit in order to get the minerals needed.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #7

This is mining app, not industry.

Try this:

(Corwin Dnari) #8

Mining drones are important, and yes, travel time can be a big factor. Maybe including a travel time calculation based on possible ranges to the 'roid would help. Display it as “if your ship is X distance from the 'roid, your drones add Y isk/hr to the total yield”.

(Corwin Dnari) #9

I like this idea, but if you want an optimum calculation you have to consider what ores are available and the various different mixes of minerals in those ores.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #10

Exactly, I have something like this set up in my industry spreadsheet, and I can manually fiddle with the numbers to let me know exactly how much of which ores I need to mine.

I’m certain that there is a way to automate those calculations, its just a wee bit beyond my abilities. but a feature like that in an app would be handy.

I think there is a way to do it through isk/hr. but something more streamlined specifically for mining would make for a nice addition.