[spread the sh¡t] values of ore

Hello fellow capsuleers. I made a spreadsheet to check what are the ores worth mining, according to where you sell the stuff.

It gets BO/SO values from eve central and colors the cubic BO and cubic SO
It lists every compressed/uncompressed variation of ore.
Mercoxit is not considered for colors as its cubic extraction is different.
Ice is not considered either, because I don’t want to.

Only Jita and amarr ATM, just change the region id cell if you want.

opendocumentformat : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxivzdghin4l4ko/ore.ods?dl=0
excel : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1eu8hm2l9zrnx6f/ore.xlsx?dl=0

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Nice, how do you get a spreadsheet to import data from eve central? I’ve been working on my own spreadsheet using libreoffice that calculates mining rates for me and being able to automatically include ore costs like yours does would be extremely useful and the online guides I found don’t seem to work. I could just merge them together but I’d prefer to understand how it’s done.

loot at the formula in the tables. It’s pretty simple once you understand. I would spend more time explaining than you trying to understand and that’s not the subject of the topic. basically

  • get region ID and items id
  • make a request to evecentral in a cell
  • for each id, get the corresponding line in the cell.