Ore Buyback Spreadsheet

Does anyone know how to create one. I don’t want one that is already made, would love some help on how to create my own in google docs.


Sure I may be able to help you out :smile:

First of all you will need to think about what sort of information you will need for the spreadsheet, typing it in manually or make it collect the info with API or from other website.

The information (Columns) needed may be :

  • List of a Ores, Compressed and maybe even uncompressed versions.
  • Price for each type of Ore.
  • Column for user input.
  • Finally column with the calculated price (by formula)
    • number of Units of Ore * price ( Cell1 * Cell2 )
  • Cell with the Grand Total (SUM) of prices (again formula).
    • =SUM(Range)

Finally you want to protect your spreadsheet from being edited, except the Cells that is for ‘User Input’

Awesome. That is what i want to do. I have plenty of experience in making spread sheets, but absolutely none in using API to pull data directly to a spreadsheet. That is what i need the most help with.

Unfortunately I only have experience with EVE-Central’s API, which is no-longer in service and no press-release of when it will be back up, If you can find another source for importing you data (preferably similar to eve-central) if I’m to help with that. As options there are the official:

  • CREST (Documentation here)
  • ESI (Documentation here)

I suggest you seek the wisdom of FuzzySteve (https://github.com/fuzzysteve/eve-googledocs-script), and have the data pulled into one sheet to be referenced by another.

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