Gdoc or Exсel ?!

Hello everyone. I apologize for my English, I am writing through a translator. The question is, I want me to have information on ore, price, quantity of ore mined and prices in one table. Is it possible to do this? I visited a couple of similar topics on the Internet, but alas, all links and scripts do not work. Also in the future I plan to make a production counting page in the same table. Who has the latest information, I will be grateful!

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Googledocs is free, and makes sharing easy. However, I’m already used to excel, so that’s what I like using. I do remember finding that I couldn’t do something in google docs once because it lacked the functionality, but for the most part, they should both have everything you need.

Here’s how to import prices for excel.

Here are some additional things that helped me to make my industry spreadsheet. Perhaps you’ll find them useful as well:

Dropdown boxes and Vlookup
You can create drop down boxes with the “Data Validation” tool, and the “vlookup” function will return data associated with another cell.

So, I have one excel tab set up to fetch prices. Then I have a tab that I use to calculate material requirements, total manufacturing cost, and time to build. Rather than manually typing in each raw material, I create an item template with drop down boxes. Then, I select the build materials from the drop down box, and the cell to the right automatically updates the price based upon the tab that fetches prices.

Drop down box in action:

VLookUp function is used to fetch the corresponding price from my “Prices” tab, which fetches prices from Eve Marketeer.

Data Grouping
Oh, and I use Data (tab) → Group (button) to help keep things tidy.

There are already plenty of tutorials on using data validation, vlookup, and data grouping, so do a google search if you want to know more. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how you’d get quantity of ore mined. You’d have to ask someone else about that.

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I have used google sheets for years, @Blacksmoke16 has a very good tool for importing ESI stuffs.
Two of my many sheets.

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