Ore Refining Tools

Are there any current and up to date (eg refine rates in Refinery’s and moon variants) spreadsheets or 3rd party tools for compressed vs refined ore/mineral values? Nothing I can find seems to have either been updated to include moon mining ore variants or like since Eve-Central died (RIP)

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If you need some market info, this: https://eve-marketdata.com/ is not so bad and should help with price checks.

What exactly are you looking for?

  • mineral prices for uncompressed ore?
  • price tags for compressed ore?
  • price tags for uncompressed moon things?
  • price tags for compressed moon things?

I hope the site helps. I miss eve-central too.

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@elitatwo thanks! I’m trying to get hold of a resource I can use to easily check, based on current market data, whether it’s better to sell the compressed ore or the resulting minerals, based on perfect refine etc. I was using a spreadsheet created by Reload but that no longer works without Eve-Central data. Unfortunately I don’t have them kinda spreadsheet creation skills and yes, I know I’m in the wrong game because of that! :joy:


should both help with that.

There is someone who sold me a spreadsheet with lists of values related to Ore mining, ore Mineral refining, and their related buy and sell values.

That tool in spreadsheet format can be used to either design other tools , to find out what can be best and worst and to which level in ISK per hours, and their related volumes for transport and logistics.

Of course, it is also possible to extract the data and possible calculations to design other tools with it, or use the results from the information displayed as a reference for work.

I can post some samples, although I would most likely modify the original to keep the author’s right protected while conveying some general ideas behind his work.

https://ratemy.rocks does just that. Refining yield is perfect based on security status (higher yield in low and null).

Edit: oops, did not see this thread was so old. Man this forum is dead.

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