Eve Harvest - A quick way to decide what to mine

If you’re mining in order to sell the ore (compressed or not), you often want to mine the most valuable rocks first.

I’ve been working on a simple site to help you decide just that.


It was inspired by other sites that price out ores and minerals by m3, but with the features I personally cared about:

  • Filtering of different ores
  • Sorting
  • Auto-updates without a full page refresh
  • Buy/Sell at The Forge prices (powered by Fuzzwork)
  • Compressed ore prices compared with uncompressed
  • Typical mineral refine value and “perfect” mineral refine value
  • Links out to EveMarketer and Eve Info
  • Pretty

I might add more types in the future (ice, moon, etc.), but for now it’s working for me and I thought I’d share. I hope it is helpful to others.

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Looks good! Simple, intuitive and answers exactly what a lot of starting miners are asking: “What should I mine?”

I haven’t mined much else but ice lately, but I bookmarked it just in case. :smiley:

You should probably edit this post and change category to #technology-research:third-party-developers since this is where all other 3rd party devs announce their tools and post updates.

Hmmm , bites lip …