Sell or or reproces to minerals

Is there a calculator that shows if it is more profitable to sell ore or the minerals that yuo reprocess from it, given reprcocessign skilsl which I can alter

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When you reprocess the ore it will show you the estimated price of the ore and minerals you will get.

You wanna make sure your skills are max to get the best return.

Also market, compressed ore is much easier to transport and sell. If you are mining for profit and not use I would always sell the compressed ore, mainly out of convenience. Compression is key, nobody wants uncompressed ore.


You can use to find out what they would sell for and have better information about what you should do.

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Thanks Everyone fo ryour input/advise


Depends on item and region and the effort you want to put in and urgency to get ISK. There is an experimental feature on that might help.

Do your own research. Use at your own risk.

Yeah, because we all know how accurate that and killmails are on ‘value’ of items…

worth experimenting with. is there a way to paste multiple items in that like with evepraisal

Strike that, reprocess.

Working on it.

Kernite, Omber, and some other ores that are required by Storyline Mission sell pretty well w/o compression.

I think for most “serious amounts” of loot that need to be gotten rid off it’s more like highsecbuyback the loot vs. highsecbuyback the reprocessed minerals.

I for my part usually reproccess any non-green/blue loot and then highsecbuyback whatever minerals my next industry batch doesn’t need. Green/blue loot is either HODL-ed in Rens, put to sale in Rens, hauled to Jita and sold to buy offers there, or just highsec-buybacked if I can’t bother Waiting for Rens or Hauling to Jita.

Though… I’ve also highsecbuyback-ed items that were in Jita to begin with. HSBB pays 90% of current Jita Buy for most items, and if the buy order volumes are unable to tank my stockpile getting dumped, 90% of the current highest bid price for all items will be more then the revenue obtained by dumping into depleting buy orders. There’s no tool I’m aware of that considers order volumes when providing estimates on trade income/expenses.

Now allows a list of items to be pasted: - press Paste button. Also added links to Highsec Buyback and Evepraisal.

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