Making more money from raw ore

As the title says, I’m making more money from selling my ore raw rather than reprocessing and then selling. I’ve even trained most of my reprocessing skills to lvl 3. I make 800k from selling a full ore hold of a venture raw and only around 700k from selling it reprocessed. I’d there a reason for this?

Most likely because ore can be compressed and moved more easily than minerals can be.

You might even find that if you compress the ore, you might make even slightly more again for many ores.

Once processed, minerals are relatively bulky, so if someone needs something in lowsec or null, etc. itis often best to buy the ore if you aren’t sourcing locally and then transport. That creates demand.

However, big caveat that I don’t know that to be true as it isn’t really part of my game, so take that explanation as one possibility. Someone more knowledgeable might give you a correction.


You really don’t get any benefit of selling reprocessed Ore until your skills are at 5. As Scipio mentioned, compressed ore does tend to sell better than noncompressed. Moon goo however, cannot be compressed, and you still basically have to have skills at 5 to process to make isk compared to selling raw.

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Also - you can compress your ore at no charge in any player owned structure where you can reprocess it. Compression is 100:1 so it is a lot easier to transport. Nullsec ore has been dramatically reduced as CCP seeks to introduce scarcity and interdependence into the game so they will be buying a lot of compressed Highsec ore to feed their industry.

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First of all: Skill Gallente Industrial (in Spaceship Command) for a Miasmos to transport ore to trade hubs. The same skills help you to fly a Kryos to transport minerals.
Ore can only be reprocessed to a certain rate, which depends on skills, implants, active modules in the station, and the environment set up by the owner of the station. New players start at a reprocess rate below 50%, so you don’t get as much minerals from a given amount of ore than a pro in a perfect environment.


It depends where you’re selling it at. If it’s just a random system, they probably did it cheaper because moving ore is easier than moving minerals. They intend to buy the ore, compress it, move it to a better station with better reprocessing stats, then process and build there.

All ore and mineral prices are set by players, so it is a player who is buying your ore. That’s the most likely reason.

Does ore sell for that much more in trade hubs?

do you know ?
do you know ?

I didn’t! Thanks for showing me, these look really useful!

how about

I find that evemarketer gives an excellent item overview for trading, you only need to select the item you wish to compare.

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