Raw Ore vs. Reprocessing

I was debating with myself whether to sell just the raw ore or to reprocess it and sell the result. Any ideas/opinions?

A lot will depend on your skills and access to bonused facilities. Last time I checked (admittedly a few months ago) the best option in highsec was selling compressed plagioclase in Amarr or Jita because nullsec manufacturers want the mexallon.

Check https://ore.cerlestes.de/ore to see what’s best for your skills

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You’ll have less volume to move, and you’ll have better isk/h selling compressed ore. be it to direct BO or long term SO. also needs less skills/implants.
(yes, I consider that hauling your own stuff is a waste of time)

what does BO or SO stand for?

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Buy Order/Sell Order

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High sec compressed ore almost always beats minerals. Null if you have the skills and facilities minerals win out normally.

Compressed ore is considerably easier to move than minerals. So most manufacturers will prefer buying compressed ore and moving it to their production system and refine there.

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It entirely depends on how you value your time and how fast you need the isk.

If you like to haul stuff around, you probably want to refine the stuff and sell it slowly. I only have a sheet for null ores, but the price difference tops out at about 30% for spodumain for buy orders. It might get better if you use sell orders.

Even if you substract the additional loss you have in highsec when refining, you could probably make a penny.

Other ores? Usually, the difference get’s only smaller so nevertheless, I would suggest to create a google sheet that does the math for you.

Ofc, only if you want to min/max everything and if you have no opportunity cost from hauling the stuff. If you are lazy, don’t bother with refining.

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Thanks! That answers it for me. Since I never mine in null sec (I’m too scared to! ;)) I should just sell the raw ore


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