Crafting my own stuff

In a large way,
is it more worth to sell compressed ore, to reprocess it, or to manufacture things with it ?

Considering i live in nullsec.

Used to sell at 80% JIta to my corp, but i want to do things my way

Build stuff that is profitable or needed in your area, and sell excess ore/minerals to your corp.

Depends on what you are looking to gain.

Personally, I try to build things for myself- my mods, ships, rigs, etc. Not the most efficient, but I enjoy building my own stuff.

Otherwise, there are a lot of variables such as what your supply chain is like and how much time you are willing to invest in managing orders and trade. There isn’t a single right answer to this, a lot depends on your circumstances and what you enjoy doing.

it depends on the cost of the buyback / freighter you have.

Y should make the number for each ore you mine.
for buyback it is 0.8* Jita BO
for transport and sell by alt it is Jita BO *(1-collat tax) -(volume tax)

you make the number for each ore that can be compressed, for the compressed ore.

eg you should have a spreadsheet that makes something like
item idraw JitaBO buyback volume transportBO idraw JitaBO compressed bubyack volume transportBOcompressed

then you compare for each line the buyback, compressedbuyback, trasnportBO and transportBOcompressed.

No easy answers……

the most rational way would be that each step in the process of manufacturing should bring you more profit but it is not always the case…

First bacause you need skills…. the first step of reprocessing ore by exemple, request huge skills to be competitive and you won’t make a profit if your reprocessing skills are poor… Better sell the ore directly…

Then, sometimes, it is cheaper to buy things on the market rather than building them yourself, even when you have all the apporpriate skills to make you a very good industrial…

For exemple, building T2 mining crystals require T1 mining Crystal. But in most case, it is cheaper to buy the T1 crystals on the market rather than building them yourself… You profit on the t2 mining crystals will be better…

Why? because it remains a game and people plays it the way they like without Always focusing on isk and profit…. Some people build things just for the pleasure to builds things or as Jenne said because they enjoy building their own stuffs…

No shame on that, just play the way you enjoy the game and don’t Always focus on the isk or profit aspect of the industry.

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If you mine your ore, its a lot of benefits.

In my alliance, i know ship doctrines, so i build them, and sell at 95% estimated on the trade hub.
But i’ve lost my Orca yesterday so i might just buy minerals at trade hub, i’ll tell you if the steps are as profitable then mining my ore.

With new faction fortizars CCP silently nerf Scrap Reprocessing - Max was 57.2% in Minmatar Outpost now drop to 55% everywhere. I don’t mine ore much, preffer to ratt so now getting less minerals to build my stuff from reprocessed modules. Is there any particular reason why CCP did that ??

CCP vocally and deliberately nerfed scrap reprocessing in Crius 4 years ago. It isn’t supposed to be profitable to reprocess modules . It just took them a while to complete the process. In fact, there is still more to come - when (if?) they ever complete module tiercide, you’ll be looting named components from wrecks to build meta modules.

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