Sell ore or use for manufacturing?

How is it these days in EVE, what makes highest profits fast, selling the ore or produce some goods and selling in the tradehubs ?

Making stuff will obviously give you a better profit margin.

Real question is: how much of a margin does the thing you plan on building give you, and how much effort are you willing to go through to get that extra profit.

As has usually been the case in EVE, big groups that mass-manufacture stuff can usually underbid solo/small-group players quite a bit and still keep it profitable.

Yes, Im also thinking that soloing this is harder, and it requires a lot of effort (time). Im thinking making ships and drones, maybe some ammo

making ships require to invest in the bpos a lot. Then have a structure to build the modules or rent a manufacture.

As a rule of thumb, sell it on the market as compressed ore.

To produce something profitable, you need much more and many different minerals than you can mine yourself in a reasonable amount of time.

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good profit margins for industry products tend to be found in the following situations:

  • retail amounts of often used equipment or even ready fit ships in PvE or PvP hubs. Takes careful market analysis to find.

  • skill intensive products like T2 ships/rigs/modules or T3 ships/subsystems but they tend to need only a few minerals and lots of other stuff to produce.

  • ISK intensive products like capitals or Upwell structures - only some of them can be traded in the usual tradehubs.

For everything else profit margins tend to approach zero, at least if you plan to produce a lot of it…

So if you are searching for a way to quickly increase your profits for your mined ore, industry is probably not the way to do it - compressed ore is the de-facto standard for large scale industrialists stocking up and thus prices are not too shabby.

If you found some item which does not make a loss as compared to compressed ore and does take less volume than the amount of compressed ore needed to make it, you could try to make that - but the question is which numbers of it Jita can take per week without the prices collapsing.

Than being said, if you think you would like to either do careful market analysis to find a good niche and then sell stuff in retail or do careful analysis (and not just for the present state but also historical prices) and then do huge investments (either in training time or in ISK) to produce hard stuff, by all means do it.


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Remember you’re playing a game and ISK isn’t the only measure of success - if you enjoy building stuff, do it!

There are profitable items that can be built with basic minerals and skills - I made a lot of ISK buying 5 run BPC’s for faction modules at LP stores, building and selling them as a new player. Many are very profitable even if you buy the tags.

We should also be lobbying CCP to make module tiercide a high priority project. Player built meta modules would give beginning industrialists a much larger range of product to choose from.


i think it is “10%” game.
like change your t1 modules to t2 and you get 10% more,
push your skills to 5 and you get 10% more,
build something from your minerals (vs selling them) and you get 10% more…

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