Highsec Buyback

I’m happy to announce the Highsec Buyback!

THE fastest Highsec Buyback service in the universe. Get paid in one hour!

This program is a quick and easy way for you to turn your items into ISK without worrying about any hauling or sell orders. We take care of that!

  1. Appraise your items at our website
  2. Create a contract to the corporation Highsec Buyback with the calculated price
  3. Get paid!

Accepted Items: All items, except used crystals, damaged items and blueprints

Accepted Locations: Any structure or station in Highsec

Buyback Rate: 90% of Jita Buy base rate
Feel free to DM my buyback char Lerso Nardieu ingame if you have a high value item that the buy orders are bad for, e.g. a Marshal.

Contract Recipient: Highsec Buyback

For more questions join the ingame channel “HSBB Public” or join our Discord: Highsec Buyback

Got stuff in Lowsec? Check out Lowsec Buyback.


It’s cheaper to just use PUSH…asking 10% is nuts.


PushX is only cheaper for some cases. And then you also have to travel to the hubs to sell your stuff. That might not be worth everyone’s time.

Also you get your ISK way faster compared to waiting for couriers to ship.


Lower m3 or low ISK yes…but I’m guessing that after 400m3 ish or 400M it’s not…The speed is a nice though…



Many corporations offer buyback programs with similar terms - Jita buy less 10% - include Evepraisal link in the contract description.

I would change the accepted items to all packaged items - automatically gets rid of used/damaged!

You may also want to specify contiguous highsec unless you want to visit islands or Solitude.

What you’re offering is convenience which is easily worth the premium. Good luck.


Thanks for the input! I might update the description, but for now I’ll accepted unpackaged as well and see how it goes :slight_smile: If you have a e.g. an industrial or a ceptor in some remote corner of highsec then you should be able to get rid of that as well.

Excluding highsec islands is a good idea, but for now I’ll try to keep it simple and see how things go. Bunch of scrappy learning^^


I approve of this service and will be using it.


Looking forward to seeing your first contract!

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The amount of items I have is too large to use the website, it locked up and just kept estimating so I just made a contract with the estimated value minus 198 million discount of that value so it’s well worth it, but check it out and try copying and pasting I’m sure you will find it’s well worth it.

That’s the first load test :smiley: I’ll optimise the website to handle big lists faster

A couple bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the total result would not match the sum of the items’ results. If you created any contracts with those totals before, please recreate them now :slight_smile:
  • The items’ names now show up properly (you might have to refresh the page for that).
  • Increased the timeout for the appraisal (before 6s, now 30s). This allows bigger requests to be processed. A soon™ patch will also show in the website if an appraisal failed (instead of just continuing to spin) and vastly improve the appraisal speed.

Pushed another update. Here are the Patch notes:

  • Reduced the time it takes to appraise long lists by ~50%.
  • Prevented celestials from showing up in the appraisal result.
  • Added a warning if items are valued at 0 ISK.
  • Added a warning and graceful handling when the appraisal fails
  • Added sorting and filtering to the result table

Also we now have Discord notifications so we can accept your contracts even faster!


Business is going nicely :slight_smile: Most contracts have been accepted within 30 minutes.

I’m going through the logs of what you appraised, and am doing some testing to see that results look nice and performance is good.


Managed to get some coding done which should allow other buybacks to use the same hosted website. Let me know if you’re interested!

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Had to reject the first contract today. 3bil worth of t1 ships, with a volume of nearly 4.000 expanded(!) freighter loads. Not possible to ship that to any of the hubs in a reasonable time.

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that’s why you need to consider the price, in terms of hours required to move the stuff safely, into account in your formula.

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Honestly I’m fine with rejecting contracts on a rare basis :slight_smile: All other contracts have been accepted and the couriers are working nicely! Still able to handle a bunch more contracts.

bump :slight_smile:

contracted you some stuff this afternoon, hope you see it soon!


Yes! thank you very much :slight_smile: