Info about warping and gankers

Hi! super noob here, started last week.
I have a few questions about my safety and how to avoid gankers ( or at least not be a super easy target ).
So far I didn’t have any “lucky” chance to meet any of those gentlemen but I’m pretty sure they are willing to meet me soon or later.

I read something before posting and basically, this is what I understood:

  1. There is not “safely” against those gankers, no matter what high-security sector you are in, they will kill you if you are a good prey.
  2. Don’t bother to install any defense ( tank ) modules on a weak ship ( Venture ) it will just increase your loss.
  3. They attack mostly in the proximity of stargates

Are these statements true? would you add any additional important info/tips?

So…I started to move my feet in the mining world and I kind of enjoying it, a bit boring solo mining but I have great plans for the future :wink:
I figured out that if I move a full cargo ( 5000 m3 ) of compressed material 25 jumps away from where I am at the moment, I could double my profit ( almost make a triple profit ).

We are talking about several million, of course, this makes me a dream target for gankers.
A weak Venture traveling across several 0.5 sectors full of compressed material… what a juicy prey…

Let’s say that I’m willing to accept the risk, it is a 50% reward bet, you double everything or you lose everything.

What I really would like to understand is:

  • Do I have any chance to make it? I mean, is it a 100% suicide mission?

  • if I mark a safe bookmark in each of the sectors along the way ( for quick warp ) am I going to increase my chances of survival? Or they just gonna lock me down without any chance of moving

  • Should I avoid Autopilot and mark a bookmark close to any stargates? ( I didn’t fully understand this technique )

Thank you in advance for any valuable tips!


Generally the drop rate is 50% so if your in highsec you figure what would it take to kill you, get concorded and still profit.

Next there is the general laziness of the people that suicide gank for profit in highsec. To get the most chance of success they generally stay on routes between trade hubs where most juicy targets are unless you are noted as making a habit of flying with bling then they might specifically come after you.

So, between those two things you can create a plan where you aren’t too juicy and you avoid traveling in hot spots unless you have a ship and knowledge to get through it.

I would say that in highsec your noob venture with some ore in it wouldn’t be a prime target but then again there are people that shoot empty pods autopiloting so who knows.

Also in highsec they lock you when you warp away from the gate not when you land (if your not on autopilot) so the bookmark thing won’t help.

Bookmarks do help in lowsec and nullsec to scan gates for bubbles and smartbombs before landing. Generally if you can’t dscan the next gate and there are hostiles in local in low/null it’s a good idea to warp somewhere prior to the gate to get a scan of what is there if possible.

  1. Well, if you use a strong ship, you could potentially kill them. You can also have a quick ship with a fast align time that will prevent them from being able to kill you quickly. Apart from that, make sure not to carry too much to be a good target.

  2. There are modules to add align time but generally you are never really safe in eve. It is probable that you wont get attacked but no - one can guarentee that you wont get ganked.

  3. Yea usually but you could get ganked mining veldspar so it doesn’t really matter particularly much.

“I figured out that if I move a full cargo ( 5000 m3 ) of compressed material 25 jumps away from where I am at the moment, I could double my profit ( almost make a triple profit ).”

Depends where you are selling them. Also, are you sure it is 3 times more profit? Those could just be high sell orders you have to look at the buy ones. 25 jumps is pretty long but it really depends on the region.

“We are talking about several million, of course, this makes me a dream target for gankers.
A weak Venture traveling across several 0.5 sectors full of compressed material… what a juicy prey…”

Not really a good target for gankers. They look for cows carrying like 200m. They have expensive ships that get destroyed so unless they are sadistic and just like killing ventures loosing 30m every time, you arent a prime target, at least in my eyes. If you want to avoid 0,5 places and want to stay high sec, it will take more jumps but change your destination settings to go to more safer systems.

  • Do I have any chance to make it? I mean, is it a 100% suicide mission?

Not really. Its really a matter of luck. I went to jita yesterday with 40m of null-sec stuff in an unfitted magnate and wasnt touched once but was ganked twice on the way back in a pod with no loot.

  • if I mark a safe bookmark in each of the sectors along the way ( for quick warp ) am I going to increase my chances of survival? Or they just gonna lock me down without any chance of moving

Your in a venture with what I am assuming like 5-10m of ore. I don’t know if you have to go through all these steps but I would listen to the guy above.

  • Should I avoid Autopilot and mark a bookmark close to any stargates? ( I didn’t fully understand this technique )

Yes avoid autopilot. I use it but I don’t fly ships more than 1m and I recommend others nto to use it either. Same advice as above.

In conclusion, there are some measures you can take but I think you are slightly overcomplicating this. Yes, preparation is good but there is a high probability if you don’t carry lots of things that you wont get ganked. Gl, I am rooting for a safe trip for you.

Thank you guys, you made it clear : )
I think I’m a bit paranoid and most likely what is valuable for me is not for them.
To be honest, I got a bit scared reading the forum, since lots of people complain about genkers.
I’ll watch my back trying to play as safe as possible and I’ll figure out how dangerous those guys are :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help!

Also, do not directly hit the ‘Jump’ icon. Instead, left-click and choose the ‘Warp Within’ and warp within 100km of a gate. That way if there’s a ganker you have time to align and warp back.
You can also set default for the icon and choose the distance of ‘Warp Within’.

Never EVER use Autopilot.

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If it helps… gankers are looking for kills that require the least amount of effort (see: requires less people to gank, doesn’t require tracking over multiple systems, etc) and have low volume / high value items (see: stuff that is easy to scoop up and sell).

Basically… you want to be “more trouble than you are worth” (see: too slippery and tanky for the payoff) and/or “the third or fourth easiest target.”
If you can “caravan” with others that you suspect might be more tempting targets, do so.

Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

  • High-sec (1.0 to 0.5 systems) is less dangerous than people say it is, and yet it is dangerous enough that people complain.
  • Low-sec (0.4 to 0.1 systems) is less dangerous than people think and yet more dangerous than people say it is (there really is no nuance in this area… it is mostly “serenity” with pockets of “impending doom”).
  • Null-sec (0.0 to -1.0 systems) is MUCH safer than anyone is willing to admit for ALL players. That is, until the local posse that is claiming the area comes rolling up with guns blazing. If one is not related to that posse, best make themselves scarce.
  • Wormhole space (0.0 to -1.0 systems) is Spy-vs-Spy in space (or Among Us if you are too young to get that reference). Even your own alt character is not innocent and can potentially betray you at any time (kidding, kidding… but no seriously… W-Space is like Mad-Max but with more sneaking around and less bewbs).

Also… I want to address this:

“It Depends.”

The trick is to fit and use a ship in a way that compliments its stats and role.

To use your example of a Venture:

  • It is fast relative to other ships
  • It is agile relative to other ships
  • It doesn’t have too many hitpoints relative to other ships
  • It doesn’t have too many slots relative to other ships
  • There are a lot of ships that can deal large amounts of damage in a short period of time

With this in mind, the best way to fit and use a Venture is by maximizing the stats that allow it to “GTFO”

Now do this with any Destroyer class vessel.

  • It is slower relative to frigates and about as fast as some cruisers
  • It is less agile relative to frigates and more agile than cruisers
  • It doesn’t have too many more hitpoints relative to frigates
  • It doesn’t have too many more slots relative to frigates
  • It can deal ALOT more damage than a Frigate, coming close to (or even matching) cruiser-level damage

With this knowledge, one can deduce that a Destroyer should be fit in a way to maximize damage and applying that damage.
After damage/damage application, one can focus on other ship aspects… like speed and defense.
Though… speed would probably be the better choice as a Destroyer’s defenses are lackluster for their size (which is rather the point; Destroyers are supposed to be cheapo-DPS machines that hard-counter frigates).

As the ship sizes increase so do their damage, defenses, and utility.
However speed becomes less of a thing and blind spots become more glaring, which means that they are less capable at picking-and-choosing their battles (despite being a literal “wrecking ball” of destruction).


This. Ships die in highsec, many ships, but a magnitude more ships and people are fine. If ten people die among 100000 doing just fine, you still have maybe 5 threads on the forum, making highsec losses look like a big thing. They are for those who lose, but not in the grand scheme.

What helped me was to learn everything about PvP rules, and risk management. When you know how the engagement mechanics work, dangers become challenges with solutions, you can learn and apply.

In a nutshell: be fast / slippery, use a cloak, be not worth bothering, be a threat, or pay someone else to move expensive stuff.


Super useful thank you so much!

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Quoting this for emphasis.

The game is supposed to be all about “the challenge.”
And that “challenge” is one presented by other players.

It is perpetual and ever-present.

I am reminded of a quote by one of the DEVs:
“Stick a person in a small closet and watch them… and it’ll be pretty boring. Now stick two people in a small closet. Interesting things will happen.”

THAT is EvE. :smiley:

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That’s just cruel and unusual punishment.

Sounds like he speaks from experience. Was he ever a deputy in a jail?

I think that’s a bit dramatic. I don’t see the challenge in Project Discovery or spamming bogus Contracts in Local or even getting into a small corporation and make off with a couple billions worth of stuff so there goes the ever present part of that.

As for perpetual I’d like for EVE to be online at least until I kick the bucket. Now there’s a challenge for CCP as least.

Pay somebody to move and insure your cargo. I use PushX (there are others) and have no reason to complain. They move goods from Amarr to Jita usually over night for a very reasonable fee.

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He’s Icelandic.
The people that live there are practically locked in their houses in the dead of winter. :wink:

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Thank you @gfldex
I didn’t know about that! that’s cool! I can save a quite good 20 minutes while I could potentially mine more ore.
May I ask you how does it work?

Do I do it through contracts? ( didn’t test it yet )
I’m not able to perform market actions across different systems ( yet ) I guess I have to go down there to create the selling position anyway right?
But I’m more curious about where are they gonna leave my goods? Do I need to meet them there? is it safe?

Thank you and sorry for the lots of questions -_-

Yes you can make courier contracts. In these contacts you can put the items, destination, time allotment to complete along with a reward and collateral required.

The safety is gained by asking for enough collateral to cover the value of what you want hauled. If they fail the contact either by being ganked, stealing your goods etc then you get the collateral they put up.

You want to give enough reward to make your stuff worth hauling. Longer trips = more reward. Bigger size in M3 = more reward. More dangerous route like lowsec or null = more reward. More collateral (risk the hauler takes on) = more reward. Higher reward = more likely to get contact completed faster.

Services like red frog, push x etc have sites that calculate their prices, tell you what collateral they are willing to offer and delivery timeframes that are acceptable to them. You can also make public contacts and have random people haul your stuff, likely for cheaper as long as the collateral is enough in case of loss.

When the items are finished being hauled they end up in your hangar in the destination station you selected in the contact. You do not need to be there when they complete the contract but you would need to be in range (based on your skills) to create market orders or do industry jobs.

If you get good at hauling you can also accept courier contracts and make ISK. You can also steal someones items if the collateral is lower than the value of them and you then lose the collateral but get the items. This is why you only give contracts that require no collateral to people you really trust.

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Thank you so much!
Super clear and useful, I’ll look into it a bit more in details looks like something that can be part of my selling process :slight_smile:
Thank youuuu

If you are just looking to sell to buy orders you may also want to look into Highsec Buyback

If you just want to sell a quick and get ISK it can save you time. If you want to set up sell orders than a service like PushX may be better. I’ve used both and have had no problems so far.


General advice on ganking can be found hyar:

  1. Gankers will gank ships out of boredom, but they are generally looking to make a profit. Thus, the best defense against ganking is to make yourself an unprofitable gank target. This is not particularly hard to do.
  2. I wouldn’t install T2 rigs or anything, but some cheap tanking mods can help buy you time to warp off, whether mining or hauling your stuff to market (and you have 2 points of warp core stability built into the ship, which increases your chances of getting away). Of course, your best defense in a venture is to orbit a rock with your prop mod on.
  3. Do not use autopilot. Gate tac bookmarks aren’t super useful in HS as there are no warp interdiction bubbles and so many people about, neuts are on gates all the time. Fortunately, most neuts in HS aren’t trying to kill you.

You should join a mining corp. Get boosts, learn from community knowledge, have some social interaction.

You risk depends on how much compressed ore you can fit into your venture. If it’s more than twice the value of the ships required to gank you, then you are a profitable gank target, and run a risk. Of course, this risk is mitigated by flying a venture (2 points of warp core stability and often viewed as not worth the effort), fitting a tank, using intel tools, and not autopiloting. Also, you should also consider flying a properly tanked Miasmos. Just don’t overload it with too much compressed ore.
I don’t think safes are beneficial for your purposes.
No autopilot, don’t worry about gate tacs in HS.

BTW, killing gankers isn’t the best strategy. They will usually win the DPS war against most smaller ships, and bigger ships tend to take too long to lock them up. Gankers can be killed (in fact my first solo kill was against a ganker), but it’s not the best way to deal with them.

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