Ways to reduce gank risk while flying to a trade post?

Hi everyone!

I’ve read some stuff about the risks of hauling in hisec and suicide ganking in particular, and I’d like to know about strategies to reduce risk.

I know at least some of the basics: never use autopilot, don’t carry too much value at a time, and set up insta dock/undock points.

My question is: are there other ways to reduce ganking chances with t1 ships (I’m still alpha)?

For instance, I’ve read this article on the wiki (https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Instant_align) that states that a warp time lower than 2 seconds makes it really hard to scramble you, so it seems like it would make really hard for someone to gank me by locking and shooting at me.

Still, it would make it possible for someone to gank me using smartbombs at a gate, but that would require someone to know how much value I’m carrying. Could someone be able to scan my cargo even if I can warp in less than 2 seconds?

Also, how instant insta docks/undocks actually are? Could someone stil bump me/blow me up?

Thank you in advance.

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Make a book mark 0 on station instead of warping to it and traveling 1500m in which something can kill you, undock and let your ship move straight for a few minutes till your 300+ km’s off undock and make a bookmark so you can insta warp from that undock next time :]

Use a cloaky hauler (Blockade runner) for moving expensive stuff, nothing can cargo scan you and they cant catch you (with inertia stabs you can make a cloaky hauler warp in 3seconds which is not enough time to decloak and tackle) :]

P.S. Inti’s are great for making bookmarks.


Thank you!

I’ve already done that, and also I’ve put it the insta dock in a place that is far from the zone ships undock. Still seems to let me dock instantly though, and hopefully it will mean I’m out of range of any meanie that might potentially want to shoot me! XD

Sadly, Interceptors are off-limits for alphas. My strategy is to do that with a corvette. It might take a while, but if they blow it up they lose ISK, while I lose literally nothing.

If you warp to a 0 book mark and you don’t move you have imunity timer so if you warp to that 0 book mark and hit dock nothing can lock you even if you lag a bit, if your in jita thou and spam dock dock dock you will dc and your ship will warp off in which players can lock and kill you thou :stuck_out_tongue:

Max tank whatever you are flying. Never fit for cargo, that’s just begging for it. Don’t carry a ridiculous amount of cargo. Don’t install blinged-out modules. Just look at the Zkill gank page for what NOT to do…


Thank you for the resource!

If I had the chance to get below 2s warp time, should I prioritize that or getting a big tank?

Because if I go with the former, I’ll need a frigate (either an atron or a slasher), and so I won’t manage to get that big of a tank. If I go with the latter, I might go with a bigger ship and fill it all with buffer tank.

Cargo would not really be an issue in this situation.

Cool! At least I don’t have to worry about that!

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If you’re just going to be hauling a few small things, sure, go with faster rather than tank. Flying something that small, tank isn’t going to matter anyway. you’d still get popped almost instantly.

Still, how wary should I be of getting ganked? If not too much, I might consider getting a career as salvage item trader :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, considering that hundred of billions if not trillions of ISK worth of ships get ganked in just 2 or 3 systems every single week, I’d say the odds are pretty good. Again, simply consult that gank link I posted. Being an Alpha clone is going to severely limit your options anyway…

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I did that, but I didn’t find any frigates, which might lull me into a false sense of security.

Maybe I could stop 3-4 jumps away, store all my cargo there and then bring it gradually to the hub.

That link only shows ganks consisting of at least 5+ gankers. That isn’t necessary to pop a frigate. There’s all kinds of ganks on Zkill that are solo that aren’t listed on that particular page…

You’d definitely have more options as an Omega. Fly something that normally goes under the radar as far as gankers go. Fly a max tanked Skiff for transporting valuables. For example, if you purchase a billion ISK BPO in Jita and you are super paranoid, you can either fly a max tanked Skiff or max tanked Bustard filled with a few cheap items and ammo along with the BPO. Maybe it will get noticed, maybe it won’t, but Skiffs aren’t exactly being scanned left and right compared to freighters. What are the odds the gankers will bother to round up the 20 or so ships it would take to gank a Skiff in high sec just for the random chance that particular BPO might drop?


Look, don’t be overly stressed. You are an alpha. Fly t1 industrial ships. Go for tank and don’t fly more than say 75-100 mil in value in a T1 Indy hauler. Chances are, you won’t get ganked.

As for smart bombs… In hi sec… That is not all that common. The problem is, as a smart bomber you can’t predict everything. A random person warping a ship near you leads to Concord destroying the ship. You can activate the bomb too close to a station or gate, and they just aren’t heavily used.

What would you be hauling that would be so expensive anyways?

Well, looking at the first six page of zkillboard, the only ones killing Atrons in hisec are NPCs. But I don’t think that’s saying much.

Well, I’ve found that at my current budget and experience, one of the most lucrative (and exciting) things I can do is hacking. I’ve found myself a nice and peaceful patch of lowsec space that is very close to hisec and in two weeks I’ve brought home up to 500 millions worth of stuff (by delving into wormholes).

The good news is that it’s all 0,01 m3 stuff, so cargo space is not really a problem.

But I still have to consider in how many trips I’ll have to make to bring that stuff to Jita in relative safety.

I’ve already done before (twice in fact) with cargos of around 200 millions and nothing bad happened. But I might have been extremely lucky. Which is why I am curious whether it was because my fit had low chance of being ganked or because of dumb luck.

Thanks for the info! Would I get a similar result by using a combat ship?

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If you want 0 risk wait till you have like 1.4bil stored up 2-3 jumps from jita then just make a courier contract with 1.5bil collateral and you will only pay a tiny amount for 100% safety.

Probably dumb luck, usually inti’s and hauler’s get scanned first then everything else if they just randomly decide to throw a scan. But then again Iv been alpha’ed by a tornado carrying valuable stuff in a jaguar before so yea…

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Again, consulting Zkill is the best option here. As you can see, plenty of combat ships get ganked as well, for various reasons. CODE doesn’t discriminate. If it’s blingy, if it’s on autopilot, if it’s untanked, or if it’s ridiculously valuable, it gets ganked…

Ok then, I will check it better.

Still, the information I can’t see is what the pilot did before blowing up, so I don’t know if they did something extremely stupid, like going on autopilot, or if they did everything right but still got blown up because New Eden is a cruel and fickle mistress. Which is why I was asking.

Advice: Don’t post you have 500 mil worth of cargo with your main account toon, use an alt for the forums so nobody hunts for ya. But I’m sure you already knew that ! :slight_smile:

I wish you safe travels friend